Revisiting ‘Saw’

Growing up, I was always hesitant to watch Saw because of the perceived gruesome and graphic content that is displayed. After my first full viewing of this film last night, this is what people were up-in-arms about? For context, this film came out in 2004 but there were plenty of other films out there, at the time, … Continue reading Revisiting ‘Saw’

‘The Haunting in Connecticut’ movie review

  This, most likely, is not a movie you have heard of. The Haunting in Connecticut was brought up by a friend of mine. She had watched it a couple of days ago and gave it a fairly negative review. "It is a terrible awful, no good, very bad movie", she says. Even after watching the torturous Killer … Continue reading ‘The Haunting in Connecticut’ movie review

The gut-wrenching tragedy of ‘Carrie’

Photo via Red Bank Films As I continue my daily reviews of horror movies throughout the month of October, I am starting to notice the drastic cultural shifts that have occurred from the 1970s to the present. Today, producers, writers, and directors feel so limited in what they are allowed to do because of studios' … Continue reading The gut-wrenching tragedy of ‘Carrie’

‘Terrifier’ movie review

If you love intense gore and over-the-top violent kills without any rhyme or reason, Terrifier is the perfect movie for you. I had heard about this movie through a channel called Dead Meat, which counts the kills in horror movies, on YouTube, and as I scrolling through Netflix looking for another scary movie to watch, Terrifier was the first … Continue reading ‘Terrifier’ movie review