‘The Sixth Sense’ movie review


I was not prepared for the wave of emotion that hit me at 1:00 a.m. last night at the end of this movie. Wow, I love this movie.

It is still mind-boggling whenever I take a look at M. Night Shyamalan’s filmography and see how many awful movies he has directed that juxtapose some of the classics he has made such as Signs, which I reviewed earlier this month, and The Sixth Sense, which I am about to review.

This movie stars Bruce Willis as a child psychologist named Malcolm Crowe who attempts to help nine-year-old, Cole Sear, played by Haley Joel Osment. Cole struggles with social anxiety and paranoia due to the trauma he experienced earlier in life with his now absentee father. To add on to Cole’s daily struggles, he can also see “dead people” who haunt him.

Cole, eventually, confides his secret to Malcolm in which Malcolm believes that Cole is delusional and tries to leave him. However, Malcolm listens to an old audiotape of one of his patients that makes him change his mind to believe Cole. He tells Cole to find a purpose with this ability to communicate with ghosts, which results in one of the most shocking twist endings in film history.

The performances in this movie are immaculate. I could feel each character’s emotion through every word delivered. There were scenes, in particular, where I was floored and could not help but burst into tears. Toni Collette, who plays the mother in the 2018 film, Hereditary, plays Cole’s mother in this film and you can see the similarities of the mother/son dynamic in both films. One of the two scenes that broke me was at the end when Cole reveals to her mother that he can see and talk to ghosts. At first, she does not believe him at all until he brings up her mother and how her mother did something that she did not know about, which was just so beautiful but gut-wrenching to watch at the same time.

Now, the big twist.

This is a massive spoiler but I have to get into it because this movie is incredibly popular and the twist is common knowledge. IF YOU HAVE NOT SEEN THIS MOVIE, DO NOT CONTINUE ANY FURTHER. This is like the stop sign for you on an SAT test.

Here we go.

The opening scene of the movie sees Malcolm getting shot by a former patient of his who says that Malcolm failed him. The movie fades to black before we learn his fate but we see him the next year so we assume that all is good and he has recovered. The subplot of the film involves Malcolm trying to win his wife back because he believes that she feels neglected by his work with Cole.

In the final scene, Malcolm sees his wife asleep on the couch with footage of their wedding playing on the TV. This footage plays multiple times throughout the film without explanation. Malcolm sees a wedding ring fall and rolls towards him but he notices that his wife is wearing her ring. Malcolm looks at his ringless hand and discovers the fact that he is actually dead.

I knew there was a crazy twist with this film but I never knew what it was until last night. The flood gates opened for me and I was a complete mess once the credits played.

As a man of Christian faith, I, to the fullest extent, believe in the afterlife and the existence of spirits roaming the natural world. The way I see it, when people die suddenly, such as by gunshot wound, they can become trapped on Earth because they are either in denial about their death or they have not found the closure they wanted to that gives them the peace of mind to move on.

When Malcolm failed the patient that killed him, he had the goal in mind to not fail the next one. So when he helps Cole and his situation, he is unknowingly finding the closure he needs to move on to the next phase of the afterlife, wherever it may be.

As this month rolls on, I cannot believe all of the movies I have slept on for so long. The Sixth Sense will hold a special place in me for a long time and I will come back to this movie frequently.

Rating: 10/10

Thanks for reading this review and be on the lookout for a double-header sometime this weekend.



‘Lake Mungo’ is the scariest film you’ve never heard of

There are reasons why I appreciate the art of cinema and why I have started to expand the variety of films that I choose to watch. Whether it be a comedy, fantasy, action/adventure, or especially, horror, I want to see as many movies as possible, bad or great. After a few nights of some pretty awful horror films, it feels great to say that this movie has been worth a wait. Lake Mungo is the most unsettling film I have ever laid eyes on.

To be honest, I did not hear of this movie until yesterday when my go-to, YouTube movie reviewer, Chris Stuckmann reviewed Lake Mungo as a part of his Halloween special. I could not be more thankful that he did this. I was invested in this movie from start to finish.

This movie is a mockumentary that deals with the death of a teenage girl named Alice Palmer. It follows her family as they discuss the aftermath of her death and what they are experiencing. However, the family’s grieving takes an unexpected turn when they start to experience some unexplained occurrences in their house, which result in them seeking help from psychic, Ray Kemeney. From there, this film becomes a slow-burner of chills, nerves, and tension that culminates in one of the scariest moments I have witnessed on a computer screen.

I cannot praise enough the effort that was put into this movie by director, Joel Anderson. This feels like a real documentary. Had I not known that this was a movie and someone just sent this to me out of the blue, I would have totally bought this as a true documentary of real-life events. The graininess of the videos. The Australian TV news scenes. All of it feels like it was filmed in real-life and not through professional filmmaking. The realism of this film is what makes it so terrifying. There is never a moment where you feel as though you were watching something cinematic.

The actors are fantastic as well. It is a shame that neither Anderson nor the rest of the cast on here have any other works attached to their names. In film, characters usually display any emotion they are feeling to sell to the audience to make them feel a certain type of way.  With this movie, the family that is being interviewed try to hold back their emotions because they do not want to cry on camera. Like I said, if you did not know any better, this might as well have been a real documentary.

The one negative I do have with this movie is that I felt completely sold on a certain portion of the movie only for that to be taken away. HOWEVER, what you discover later on surrounding this portion will chill you to the core.

I do not want to get too deep into this film because this really needs to be seen and experienced without anything given away. Your interpretation of horror is really going to be challenged by this movie. Is there a difference between scary and creepy? Whatever your opinion is on the horror genre is most likely going to be defined by this movie.

PLEASE CHECK THIS MOVIE OUT. If there is one film that I seriously recommend you not missing, it is Lake Mungo. It is available on Tubi, Amazon Prime, and YouTube.

Rating: 9/10

‘Children of the Corn’ is a cinematic atrocity

Stephen King is one of the greatest authors of all-time and his influence will be felt for eternity. His books have been adapted into some great movies such as Carrie, Misery, The Shawshank Redemption, and most recently, IT and IT: Chapter Two. However, not all of the King adaptations are great and I am going to talk about one of the worst ones, Children of the Corn. 

This movie involves a couple driving from Nebraska to Seattle; DRIVING FROM NEBRASKA TO SEATTLE. The screenplay writer must have forgotten that planes existed in 1984 because there is no logic in driving that long of a distance. They encounter the town of Gatlin, Nebraska and something just is not right about the small town. They learn that there is a cult of bloodthirsty children who sacrifice adults to please the cornfield god, A.K.A. “He Who Walks Behind The Rows”.

Linda Hamilton is one of the two protagonists in this film and just seven months after the release of this film, she will go on to star as Sarah Connor in one of the most legendary science-fiction films of all-time, The Terminator. Why she decided to take this role is beyond me. Her paycheck must have been worth it.

I will be honest, I have nothing positive to say about this movie.

The acting is atrocious and over-the-top, especially the characters of Issac and Malachi. The direction is supposed to give them an intimidating, haunting, and devilish feel to them, but they come off extremely goofy and comical. The way their jaw moves as they deliver some cringeworthy lines is the most entertainment you will get out of this film.

There is no movie taking place.

You would think that this would be some sort of slow-building film where the kids seem normal and then you find out that they are a part of this cult but the movie gives this away in the opening scene, which eliminates any tension that it could have had.

None of these characters have any layering to them either. Everyone is monotone. Our protagonists are incredibly nice and want to do the right thing. Our antagonists are evil and they want to do very bad things. It is movie-making at its laziest and it feels that way throughout the runtime.

Don’t even get me started on the special effects. I mean come on. Most filming took place in Nebraska where they could have at least done some practical pyrotechnics to take place during these sacrificial ceremonies that are performed by the cult members. If you are dumb like me and watch this film, you will see just how bad the effects are.

The creation and reasoning behind the cult are never explained either. The movie’s logic is, “Here’s a cult. Deal with it.”

This is now the fourth film that I have had a cold reaction to. I am losing sleep watching these movies and I am beginning to have second thoughts on why I am doing this. However, I have a very special review coming tomorrow. Be on the lookout for that.

Also, is Nebraska really all cornfields or is this a harmful stereotype?

Rating: Atrocity/10