Commanders in Crisis #8 review

The Crisis Command has revealed to the world that their universe is the only one left and people react exactly how you would expect! With people fearing for their lives more and more everyday, the countries of the world desire to follow the United States’ attempt to make each state an individual functioning country. It seems the Crisis Command’s attempt to unite the peoples of the world has only made them further divided due to their fear of what seems to be the inevitable. What hope do the Crisis Command have of saving this Earth when so many others have failed? With empathy dead, how can they possibly hope to unite everyone and save the world? Spoilers for the first eight issues of Commanders in Crisis ahead!

At the end of the last issue, Frontier asked Thunder Woman to show her the first spark of civilization: the moment homo-erectus first produced fire. Little did she know that a being known as Civilization quite literally formed what would become humanity through this single moment. He planted the idea of civilization within what would eventually become humanity. Through her visage of the past, Frontier hopes to discover what led to humanity losing its empathy.

People across the world reacting to the Crisis Command’s press conference in Commanders in Crisis #8

One of the biggest reasons the Crisis Command have struggled so much to attach themselves to the people of this Earth is that none of them belong to it. The history and people of Earth-Z are completely alien to all of them. Enter American Dreamer, a hero of Earth-Z who seeks to enlighten the Crisis Command and help them save the world. Created by L.A. Thornhill Sanchez and Steve Orlando, American Dreamer seeks to ground Prizefighter’s view of heroism, attempting to show him from the ground what he misses up in the sky. This is a concept seen in several superhero stories, with the most recent example appearing in Amazon’s adaptation of Invincible. American Dreamer seeks full transparency from the Crisis Command, believing that if they reveal the full truth about everything going on, including their fight against the Extinction Society, then maybe everyone would be less fearful and actually come together like they had all hoped.

Humanity discovering Civilization in Commanders in Crisis #8

Prizefighter’s speech about attempting to understand the new world around him and help people in ways he never could during his time as president of the United States on his Earth is exceptional. The difference ideologies between Prizefighter and American Dreamer show the differences between the two, but they don’t let those differences shape their perception of one another. Conversations like these are the reason I enjoy Steve Orlando’s writing so much, and the addition of L.A. Thornhill seems to only add to the emotion of these panels.

Davide Tinto and Francesca Carotenuto’s art continues to shine throughout this issue, showcasing various beautiful locations, while focusing on the facial expressions of the characters. I especially love the page of homo-erectus meeting Civilization for the first time. The framing of the page and positioning of the characters makes it feel like a Renaissance painting with their two separate, yet conjoined, worlds in the background. The blues and purples build off each other to create a real sensation for the eyes. Civilization’s design has a Greek-pantheon feel to it, while still appearing completely unique. Tinto has truly excelled at character design throughout Commanders in Crisis, but this is easily his best design so far.

The eighth issue of Commanders in Crisis serves as a sort of conclusion to what feels like the story’s second act. The heroes have had to sort out their differences separately before being able to come together again. With Frontier discovering the different history of Earth Z and the rest of the Crisis Command realizing that they alone cannot save the world, it appears like the time for them to come back together is upon us.

Rating: 8.5/10

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