The Disgrace of the European Super League

12 of Europe’s top soccer clubs announced their intentions to begin a new competition late Sunday night. The new model is a weekly competition that would include three Italian clubs (AC Milan, Inter Milan, Juventus), three Spanish clubs (Real Madrid, Barcelona and Atletico Madrid) and six English clubs (Liverpool, Manchester United, Manchester City, Arsenal, Tottenham and Chelsea). These 12 clubs could be joined by three others. Presumably, France’s Paris Saint-Germain and Germany’s Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund, though these three clubs have not commented on their involvement.

The plain and simple truth of this announcement is that these 12 teams think their above football.

These 12 teams are disgraceful and not they are not just a blemish on the world’s favorite game, but a cancer.

The appeal of the game, especially in England, is the openness of the competition, the hope that one day their team may climb the pyramid and hoist the Premier League trophy, the fans that spent years waiting for Leicester City, toughing out every matchday, win lose or draw and one day got to cheer as their team sat atop the Premier League. This is the dream of every fan in every one of England’s league system, as it is for every team in every division.

You’re a coward. Every player involved in this competition and every manager is a coward. You’re not tough enough to play at Stoke on a rainy Tuesday night, you’re too cowardly to play the little guy and lose and you’re too yellow-bellied to fight for survival in a relegation battle. You’re not playing because you love this game. You’re playing because you love money.

To the owners, be honest, you’re not going to spend any money that this new opportunity presents. You’re just looking to line your pockets. You plain and simple don’t care about the game, all you care about is money. This helps no one except you. You won’t lower ticket prices, you won’t raise your wages significantly and you will be just as greedy as you are now. You have ruined this game. You are a cancer.

Everyone who supports this, doesn’t support football, doesn’t understand what the game stands for and most importantly, don’t care whether their fans live or die. All they care about is the money involved.

As fans, we now must act against this crime on the beautiful game. Boycott games, change allegiances, do anything you can to show that you won’t support this. For once, we must show our support to UEFA and tell them to stay strong in regards to not allowing these players into international competition. This is an assault on the beautiful game. This may be the death of football as we know it.

The people involved in this league think they are bigger than the game and they think that because they hold the money, they hold the power. We cannot allow the game to be changed by those who use it as a means for their own financial gain.

Football is not about the money. It’s about the hope and love of the game.

These clubs have lost sight of this.

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