Mar. 10, 2021: Ban athletes from Twitch




On this episode:

1:30-22:37 – NBA(Blake Griffin to Nets, Meyers Leonard’s anti-Semitic comment, Who should make 2021 NBA HOF class?)

22:41-33:24 – UFC(Adesanya’s nonchalant reaction to first loss, Bigger problem: Yan’s criminal knee or Aljo’s celebrations with belt?, Where does Amanda Nunes go from here?)

33:26-48:52 – Music + Entertainment(New song review, Favorite Anime OP, Horimiya)

48:54-1:09:51 – GAMETIME! + Entertainment pt. 2(Thoughts on WandaVision finale)

1:09:53-1:17:56 – NASCAR(Hendrick vs. Penske for title?, who are your Cup Series semifinalists at the moment?)

1:17:57-1:38:39 – College Basketball + Sean’s Rich Take (Most impressive conf. Champ at the moment)

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