The 10 worst albums of 2020

If you are reading this, welcome to list week where I summarize the best and worst to come out of the entertainment business. From sports, TV/film to music, there will be at least a column a day of top 10’s from a pretty awful year.

Now, there was some great, great music to come out of 2020 despite the lack of concerts and the inability for artists to get with collaborators to curate projects, but, like any year, there were a handful of duds and we are going to talk about them tonight. Let’s do it!

Dishonorable mentions:

Man On The Moon III: The Chosen – Kid Cudi

It Was Good Until It Wasn’t – Kehlani

Eternal Atake – Lil Uzi Vert

Blame It On Baby – DaBaby

Dark Lane Demo Tapes – Drake

High Off Life – Future

Funeral – Lil Wayne

10. Good Intentions – NAV

Our monotone, emotionless, robotic king was busy in 2020 with two full-length releases + two deluxe additions as well. Thank God Good Intentions was bad enough to keep me away from whatever the Emergency Tsunami album ended up being. You could say that throwing a rapper as trash as NAV on here is low-hanging fruit, but it’s his audacity of continuing to say how he changed the rap game and that because he’s a “brown boy” that we exude negativity on him.

The reason NAV is bad is because he can’t rap and has the range of artificial intelligence still discovering what emotions are.

Hey, at least “Turks” is his one fathomable song.

9. Whole Lotta Red – Playboi Carti

Ah yes, you thought Carti would evade a list of the worst because the album came out at the buzzer this year? Think otherwise. Once again, he tries to be minimalist and experimental, while sounding like a five-year old and just yelling without any type of flow or rhythm whatsoever. I can give slight praise for some production choices like the organ notes on “Vamp Anthem”, but that’s where the positives start and end. I really question how y’all listen to Carti and then add his songs to your playlist on your own free will.

8. Changes – Justin Bieber

One only needed to listen to “Yummy” to get a grasp on what this corny, white boy R&B record sounded like. Is this what R&B sounds like to white people? The album also fails in the odd choices for features like Kehlani, Summer Walker and Lil Dicky. Yeah, just totally bland, forgettable and downright offensive.

7. My Turn – Lil Baby

Lil Baby has been around since 2017 and I still have not been able to understand a single word he has said. The mumbling is inaudible, the beats are boring as hell and there’s never been one track under his name that has any lasting qualities to them. Do I really need to sum up why this album is bad? Come on.

6. Everything’s Strange Here – G-Eazy

G-Eazy ditches the rapping to drop a record that answers the question to what if Post Malone decided to record all of his songs in the studio completely stoned out of his mind, like to the point where he’s fading in and out of multiple dimensions and doesn’t know where he is.

On top of that, G-Eazy has the audacity to disgustingly cover one of David Bowie’s most-emotionally complex songs in “Lazarus.” A song about coming to terms with your impending death, and G-Eazy is apparently in that same frame of mind in 2020. I mean, if it’s about his failed music career, sure.

5. The New Toronto 3 – Tory Lanez

Prior to Tory Lanez becoming the clown of 2020 after his little stunt with Megan Thee Stallion and rapping flaunting his 5’7″ height on DAYSTAR, Lanez dropped a handful of forgettable, awful tracks on The New Toronto 3. There’s just nothing charismatic, unique, or interesting about Tory. Like many on this list, I don’t see the appeal.

4. ADHD – Joyner Lucas

One, if not the corniest rapper out there, Joyner Lucas continued his copycat Eminem flow with saying much of nothing throughout ADHD. Every instrumental choice is wrong, the lyrics are cringeworthy at the bare minimum and there’s nothing that makes Lucas standout from the current field of bad rappers. At least go full send like Carti and make yourself stand out in a bad way.

3. WUNNA – Gunna

Wow. I don’t think there’s been a record to exist where you can’t really have an opinion on any one track because he has perfected the art of making music so passive that you can’t really find enjoyment nor find anything to pick apart. You might as well go get shot up at the doctor and have all your senses be neutralized because that’s what it is like listening to Gunna….on any project he’s ever done. I can’t hate Gunna, but everything he’s ever dropped is just bad.

2. Father Of All.. – Green Day

You would think that an album at a crisp 26 minutes has some good qualities, but OH GOD, SWEET BABY JESUS, THIS IS NOT THE ONE. I’ve never known such a band out of their element in the 21st century continue to nail the coffin in rock music. Luckily, there was some good rock music to come out in 2020, but nothing came from Green Day. Just listen to their old stuff. That’s it. Green Day, go away.

1. Southside – Sam Hunt

Chris Stapleton’s country foil, Sam Hunt, continued down the line of making country the laughing stock of the music business with one of the dumbest, most insignificant and corniest curations ever. I knew this man was a walking nightmare with the definition of bro country on one of the funniest combinations of rap and country on “Take Your Time.” Do y’all remember the song “Rude” by MAGIC!? It’s stiff competition between these two songs for the worst track I’ve had the displeasure of listening to.

Hunt is neither a good rapper nor singer. I don’t get why there needs to be a connection between the rap and country genres other than some fun, little viral hits like “Old Town Road.” Like I said, that song is at least fun because Lil Nas X’s personality doesn’t consist of just wearing tank tops, drinking Natty Lights while listening to the worst of what trap has to offer.

The talk-sung flow is one of the worst aspects of music today and why Hunt continues to utilize it to this today is just stupidity and ignorance at its finest. Let’s not forget to mention the gaslighting on “That Ain’t Beautiful”, the creepy simping on “Hard To Forget” and comparing a woman’s body to a dusty, old path on “Body Like A Back Road.”

Yeah, safe to say you’ll need to take a shower after this one.

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