Everclear Raiders: 44-27 loss vs. Colts

Alright, enough of the cutesy titles and clever names for my weekly Las Vegas Raiders breakdown column. Let’s just get straight to the point – the Raiders’ season, as usual, has turned into a nightmare. For a second-straight season, the Raiders decided to tank when the playoff pressure got heavy and they were promptly blown out in the most important game of the season.

There’s this little thing called momentum that was nuked when the Raiders walked into Atlanta and were promptly swooped up in an embarrassing 37-point defeat to weekly chokers. A week later, they were now grocery-bagger Gregg Williams tanking away from losing to the WINLESS JETS.

My title for the column is simple. It’s time for Raider Nation to break out the Everclear and drink away to evaporate the pain. We need to go fully numb. I don’t just mean a shot, I mean the whole bottle.

Let’s unfortunately talk about Sunday’s game.


Derek Carr is the most frustrating quarterback to cheer for. There are throws that are complete bullets and complete in tight windows. There are throws, like ones to Nelson Agholor, that are beautiful, deep dimes that go for touchdowns. Then, there is today. Carr under throws a should’ve-been TD to dependable tight end Darren Waller that turns into an amazing catch and interception for Kenny Moore II.

Down 10 and in need of a touchdown, the Raiders put on an incredible drive into the red zone. Momentum is on their side and they should punch it in to make it a three-point game. SIKE.

Las Vegas, on 3rd & goal at the 10, chooses to throw a five-yard out and take a fourth down. Do they go for it like they should? No. They kick a field goal and throw in the towel from there.

To top the game off, Jalen Richard let’s one go right off his hands and back to Indianapolis to cap off the tank job.

Run game, you ask? What run game? Josh Jacobs clearly brings no value to the team as he was only allowed 13 carries. Who cares?


Following a gritty performance against the winless Jets by allowing 28 points, the Raiders’ defense made the necessary adjustments to put on a show against the Colts — nothing.

T.Y. Hilton returned to his pre-Philip Rivers form with a two-touchdown day. The Raiders gave him all they could as the ran their patented man-to-man, but cover absolutely nobody defense to make Hilton earn those touchdowns.

The run defense mistook Jonathan Taylor for Moses as they willingly parted the Red Sea for him and allowed him to go for 150 yards, two touchdowns and an average run of 7.5 yards. Sure, he’s an exciting rookie to watch, but I don’t think he’s going to free you from the grasps of the Egyptians (any good AFC team) and bring you to the Promised Land (playoffs).

What a defense. What a team. It’s almost like trading Khalil Mack was going to have a disastrous affect on the unit’s performance in the years after his departure.

Special teams:

Congratulations, Daniel Carlson. You made your two field goals. You’re the one positive unit on this franchise.

Next up:

The Raiders have a quick turnaround and will look to continue the implosion on Thursday Night Football as they will take on the Los Angeles Chargers inside the Death Star.

Head coach Jon Gruden says that need to improve in all three phases. Unfortunately, the first phase is finding positive yardage, and they can’t even do that.

*Chugs rest of Everclear bottle*

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