Album review: Duckwrth – SuperGood

It’s frustrating when an artist comes along, you listen to their stuff and you question as to why they aren’t blowing up like they should. This is the case with Duckwrth.

Duckwrth is a 32-year-old rapper, singer and songwriter from South Los Angeles. I first came across him when I looked through the pitches for the 2017 XXL Freshman class. I had this eccentric look to him and was soft-spoken, so the Prince vibes were immediately coming off of him. I looked up some of his music and was really blow away by his vocals on the track “GET UUGLY” from his debut record from 2016. I had this nice balance of flow on the verses to then singing excellently on the hooks and I loved the care-free vibe he brought. When he chooses to go the rap-sung route, it’s also quite solid and one of the most listenable flows in music today.

I understood that this man wasn’t just a one-hit wonder with the absolute R&B banger in his 2019 single “Crush.” The slick guitar intro leads us into a super fun hook and the bridge further proves the talent that Duckwrth has when he sings. “Marvin Gaye, we do it your way. Usher Raymond, do it my way. What happens when you stick that jam in the middle of the yams?”

When he started teasing SuperGood, I was obviously looking forward to what his progression would be. Would we see more R&B with his nice vocals or would he be rapping more? Turns out, SuperGood is this sensual, intimate, neo-soul record with a ton of pleasant instrumentals, leading to one of the most enjoyable listens of the year.

The lead single “Quick” will most likely crack my top 25 songs of the year with this smooth hook from Kian and more great rap-sung verses from Duckwrth. I love the layered piano and kick-drums layered on the instrumental to give us a hint on the vibe we get from the album.

The fun of this record oozes in one of the earlier tracks in “Money Dance.” It’s very reminiscent of a song off the OutKast catalogue, and that’s going to be the trend of this record. It’s heavily inspired the best of what R&B and the bling era provided in the early 2000s.

Heading toward the middle of the record, we get the sensual R&B ballads with “Too Bad”, “Kiss U Right Now” and “Coming Closer.” While the obviously sexual undertones are there, it all comes off very clean in the lyrics and the overall arc off the record. Love is more art than pleasure from what you hear.

“Did U Notice?” is one of the standout tracks above all the already great songs on the album. It’s some of the best production of the year with these glorious guitar riffs playing throughout the track.

“Super Bounce” brings more of the sex appeal with these majestic chimes sprinkled throughout. There’s also a feature from EARTHGANG on here, furthering the diversity in sound that the duo is willing to branch out in. It’s not my favorite track on the album, but still a fun tune.

Toward the end of the record we get the “Tuesday” club banger that Drake and ILoveMakonnen thought they made. This is actually a quality track you can dance and vibe to unlike that rubbish with ILoveMakonnen’s vomit-inducing vocals.

“World on Wheels” and “Super Good” close the record on a fun high-note as well. “World on Wheels” fills this niche of R&B music for people who love skating. Now, yours truly loves to go ice skating from time to time, but I never thought I needed a song for it, yet here we are. The title track is another slick & smooth soul track to put a cap on the album.

Is it the best thing I’ve heard this year? No. I think some tracks fall flat in the trend of fun that the album has been about. There’s not a bad track on the record. It’s just that you are always going to run into a track or two that just doesn’t live up to the best on an album.

I’m gonna say it bluntly — Duckwrth is the best artist you haven’t heard of. It’s a damn shame the man hasn’t blown up yet because he’s one of the best talents in the hip-hop and R&B scene today. The sex appeal and fun is there, so if you are trying to have a good time, then this is definitely a record that needs to be constantly playing off whatever playlist you have.

Richest Tracks: “Money Dance”, “Quick”, “Too Bad”, “Kiss U Right Now”, “Coming Closer’, “Did U Notice?”, “Super Bounce”, “World on Wheels”, “Super Good”

Worst Track: “Find A Way”

Rating: 8.5/10

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