Ahead of the Count podcast Episode 12: The Cowboys fall to the Browns

On episode 12 of “Ahead of the Count” on The Candid Clark podcast, Johnny Crane and Sean Clark discuss the latest in the NFL, College Football, MLB and Premier League.

0:00- Intro

1:00- The Browns beat the Cowboys 49-38

7:41- LSU dominates Vanderbilt 41-7

13:17- Georgia wrecks Auburn 27-6

19:18- Marlins/Braves discussion

21:58- Astros handling the Athletics

26:06- Padres/Dodgers preview

29:27- Yankees and Rays battling in the ALDS

32:53- Arsenal’s transfer boost

36:42- The gelling of Chelsea’s squad

41:16- Outro

Check it out through the link below!

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