Nerdsplosion podcast Episode 4: Excitement for WandaVision

In episode 4 of Nerdsplosion, John Wintroub and Sean Clark discuss the latest in film, television and anime.

0:00- Intro

0.57- WandaVision Trailer Discussion

7:20- Marvel Movie Release Dates Changes

10:53- Nick Fury Disney+ Series

13:13- Peacemaker HBO Max Series

16:53- Supergirl Cancelled?

24:40- Justice League: The Snyder Cut Reshoots

31:04- Knives Out Sequel News

34:39- Re:Zero Season 2 Episode 5 Discussion

46:15- JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind Episode 34 Discussion

56:39- Outro

Check it out through the link below!

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