Welcome, Seattle Kraken

The Seattle NHL expansion franchise announced its team name and are ready to release the Kraken.

Seattle was approved to join as an expansion team to create an even 32 teams of the National Hockey League (NHL) beginning in the 2021-2022 season. The team has been in the works since being approved in 2018 and has come to terms with the name, Kraken.

The Kraken was decided on after months of consideration through hundreds of names. With Seattle being on the coast of the Pacific Ocean, it brings in the aspect of the sea.

The colors of icy blue, navy blue, and a sharp red also reflect the crisp features of the water and its surroundings. The Kraken, itself, reflects a strong creature that embodies aggression and power, which the players will need on the ice. Players, in a way, will resemble the Kraken as they face opponents. On the surface, the secondary logo looks like your ordinary anchor. However, looking closer, the top of the anchor is actually the famous Space Needle, which is the main tourist attraction in the city and points home to all the city’s residents.

With being added to the league, this means the ability to have another expansion draft. The expansion draft will allow Seattle to get strong contenders for their team to prepare for their debut season. As it gives Seattle an opportunity to enhance their team strength-wise, it also allows for mental preparation for the Kraken to see other teams’ strengths and weaknesses based upon who they save.

Seattle will move into the Pacific Division, which will move the Arizona Coyotes to the Central division.  The addition to the division will mimic that of the Vegas Golden Knights addition to the league three years ago. Seattle will be in a division with very experienced teams and players who have made names for themselves. Seattle will have the benefits of the expansion draft to get some of these very experienced players but will still need to form a cohesive team.

The Kraken will play in the Climate Pledge Arena, previously known as KeyArena, located in the Seattle Center. This location is not quite downtown but located close enough to bring in fans throughout the city. This arena is a multipurpose venue and is going to be used for many activities after its redevelopment.

Seattle has created a strong presence for itself with its new name alone. This team has started to brand as the Kraken utilizing the idea of this “sea monster” to show that they are coming in hot for their debut. Seattle will need to look at rosters going into the next season following injuries and statistics to put together their powerhouse of a team they have begun to build.

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