Phase 1 of NHL Draft Lottery does not fail to disappoint

The first phase of the NHL Draft Lottery brought chaos Friday evening when it was determined that a qualifying team currently in the Stanley Cup Playoffs will have the opportunity to possess the first overall selection. 

The first phase of the lottery consisted of the seven non-qualifying teams whose seasons already ended in addition to eight placeholder positions. The placeholder positions will be filled by the losers of the Stanley Cup Playoff qualifying rounds.

The lottery determined that the Buffalo Sabres would pick eighth, the New Jersey Devils seventh, the Anaheim Ducks sixth, and the Ottawa Senators fifth. The selection for the Senators would be their first of two picks within the top eight. 

The fourth-overall pick would go to the Detroit Red Wings, who had an 18.5% chance of attaining the first overall selection. The third overall selection would go to Ottawa, who picked up the selection from the San Jose Sharks. The second overall pick would then go to the Los Angeles Kings. The Kings had a 9.5% chance of getting the first overall pick.

With the first overall selection yet to be determined, the second phase of the draft lottery will begin once the qualifying rounds in the Stanley Cup Playoffs are concluded. The losing teams in those matchups will each have a 12.5% chance to pick up the first overall selection. 

Here is the draft order breakdown.

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