Bubba Wallace NOT to blame for noose misunderstanding

A PR disaster.

It is all that can be said after the FBI completed their investigation and found that no hate crime had been committed against NASCAR Cup Series driver Bubba Wallace after it was reported that a noose was found in Wallace’s garage stall.

The discovery that the reported noose was actually a pull rope to close and open the garage door is relieving because no one in NASCAR or the Talladega Superspeedway workers had committed a hate crime against Wallace. However, it is equally embarrassing that NASCAR reported this incident to media and to Wallace, himself, without having solid evidence.

NASCAR is the premier motorsports organization in the United States and have had the sports limelight since returning to on-track action in May. Earlier this month at Atlanta Motor Speedway, the organization stood by Wallace and the Black Lives Matter movement in an effort to show that they are an inclusive environment where all walks of life are welcomed to their events. They then took another step forward in banning the Confederate Flag from all tracks.

When it was announced Sunday, that a noose was found and Wallace was told of this, he had every right to be frustrated and saddened. The odds are always against Wallace being the lone black driver in a white-dominated organization. He is going to be looked at in a light that no other driver has had to face and the news he got Sunday scared him. I can’t state enough how this is not Wallace’s fault.

This is on NASCAR for not having the due diligence to initially get it right. They have to get it right before it gets out to the public, and unfortunately, more division will be created because the racists will have a ball with this and put Wallace in the same light as Jussie Smollett even though their situations are not alike.

This wasn’t a hoax. Bubba Wallace’s feelings aren’t a hoax. The gathering of the drivers and teams in support of Wallace wasn’t a hoax. The family atmosphere in NASCAR is not a hoax. It was a misunderstanding from someone who wanted to protect Wallace from someone potentially causing harm to him.

If you aren’t willing to remove your stupid, racist beliefs from your opinions on this matter, then keep your mouth shut because you are wrong.

If you want to point the finger at anyone, only point toward NASCAR. Not Bubba Wallace.

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