Richest Tracks of the Week (June 17)

“TROLLZ” – 6ix9ine, Nicki Minaj

Look, I’m not a fan of either 6ix9ine or Minaj. I think they are both as deplorable as musical artists can get, but there’s something about this track that I enjoty. Tekashi has always had an infectious flow that’s hard to not get behind, and I have found his last singles quite hilarious as he is just in this troll phase, which is, obviously, the center of this track. I also dig the little synth line that shows up sporadically throughout the track.

“Snow On Tha Bluff” – J. Cole

Hey look, another great Cole track that has divided people once again. It’s a great track, guys. I don’t get the hate behind J. Cole. Sure, you aren’t down for some introspection and subtle rap, but you cannot deny that he knows how to talk his stuff. There isn’t much in the creativity. He’s not throwing out double entendres or any interesting wordplay, but the pen game has always been there. This song isn’t very structured. It works more as a freestyle with a nice little guitar and a nice glistening instrumental layered over Cole’s flow. I enjoy him calling out the people trying to “out woke” each other on social media when they aren’t putting any substantive action to back up their words.

“TKN” – ROSALIA, Travis Scott

A fun little trap and flamenco pop crossover between two of the brightest young artists today.

“End of Daze” – Spillage Village

It can’t get much better than a collaboration of EARTHGANG and JID. I love the soulful hook and the bassline. There’s also this heavy, rapid one-two kickdrum sprinkled throughout the verses that provides a little zest to the track.

“GO” – The Kid LAROI, Juice WRLD

It’s another instance where the late Juice WRLD showcases that he had a lot of talent and a lot to bring to the table in the coming years if he were still alive. It’s a fun track with a very classy instrumental, and The Kid LAROI’s hook is catchy as hell.

“Inner World” – Dirty Projectors

I have been paying attention to this group for a few weeks now and there recent singles have really grabbed my attention. This is a very soulful track with beautiful vocals that become harmonized at points that are just glorious to listen to. I love the experimental sounds that are layered over the main instrumental. This is definitely a group you need to add to your daily listening.

“Forever Mine” – Robin Thicke

This one is a nostalgic because it throws it back to the vintage Robin Thicke days where he was just making these smooth, sexy R&B songs and this feels like one of them.

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