Lil Yachty – ‘Lil Boat 3’ album review

Lil Yachty always has the flare for the unexpected. Whenever he drops an album, it either sticks to you like glue or is so disgusting to listen to that you need to go shower afterward. However, this Lil Boat trilogy has put Yachty on a tier of rappers who aren’t bottom-feeders, but ones that don’t take themselves seriously and write ridiculous bars over some trap instrumentals. It’s not a bad thing, but you will never be blown away by these artists. As a critic, Yachty can be tedious to write about, but he has fun moments that make you want to come back and listen to anything new he drops.

When Lil Boat 3 was announced, it gave me hope that he would have some fun tracks to give us and that he would be at that ecstatic energy you would get on a track like “Minnesota” from the original Lil Boat. I think Yachty cares about the brand he generated with the “Lil Boat” moniker, and he shows that with the humor, the bubbly instrumentals and just the overall fun he has on these songs.

However, the Lil Boat trilogy has played out like the Jaws film trilogy where the franchise made a splash with the original (Lil Boat(2016)). The sequel was enjoyable, but definitely nothing that deserved acclaim (Lil Boat 2). Now, we have Lil Boat 3, and I have to say that it fits somewhere in between Jaws 3 and Jaws: the Revenge.

Like Jaws 3, this record does have fun moments. The opening track “Top Down” displays everything that Lil Yachty music should be. It’s fun, has a lively trap instrumental, and doesn’t take itself too seriously. We also see Yachty team with Future and Mike WILL Made-It on an distorted bass, trap banger on “Pardon Me”. Future’s flow isn’t completely drowned by the instrumental, and his flow goes quite hard. I also love the instrumental on “Black Jesus” with these glistening strums in the background.

The song that really impressed me on this record was “T.D”. Yachty brought together a perfect mix of eccentric rappers to really bring their A-game over this new take on “Tokyo Drift”. Tyler, the Creator and Tierra Whack steal the show with their flows on the track. Unfortunately, Yachty is buried on this track and does not make a mark here.

Unfortunately, the back nine of this record is unlike Yachty in the fact that it becomes monotone and tediously boring. “Love Jones” feels like a track that Yachty recorded at about 2:30 a.m. as he sounds like his near asleep. It’s quite embarrassing. “Range Rover Sports Truck” and “Till The Morning” are the final hints of any fun on this record. “Till the Morning” more-so because of the feint synths in the background and Young Thug’s verse at the beginning of the track.

Lil Boat 3 is easily the worst of the three Lil Boat projects. However, it’s miles above the ridiculous Teenage Emotions record and the trainwreck of Nuthin’ 2 Prove. Most of the tracks in the first half are fun, and this project does serve as a kickoff to potential hits for this summer.

Richest Tracks: “Top Down, “T.D”, “Pardon Me”, “Black Jesus”, “Range Rover Sports Truck” “Till The Morning”

Worst Track: “Love Jones”

Rating: 4/10

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