Future – ‘High Off Life’ album review

Ughhhhh… so we are still listening to Future huh?

High Off Life is the eighth studio album from Atlanta rapper Nayvadius DeMun Wilburn, a.k.a. Future.

Back in the early 2010s, Future rose onto the scene dropping some club bangers that I vividly remember from my middle school days. “Same Damn Time”, “Move That Dope”, and “Turn On The Lights” are all tracks that gave the rapper relevance and would become the catalysts for making him one of the “kings” in the current trap field.

In 2015, Future dropped, what is still his best record to date, DS2. “Where Ya At”, “Rich $ex”, and “Commas” were all defining moments that made him the A-list star in music he is today. However, since that time, Future decided to never improve on this project, and just settle with his position in the genre.

Look, Future has never been a decent lyricist, and his flow isn’t all that great, but one cannot deny the influence he has had on the up-and-coming artists in mumble rap. There would be no Playboi Cartis without Future being the trendsetter for half-assed, minimalist trap music.

Not since Future’s collaborative mixtape with Drake What A Time To Be Alive has there been a song with him given lead credits that has any staying power past the first listen. You aren’t listening to “Mask Off” anymore, and if you do, it’s because of the absolute banger of an instrumental. You aren’t listening to Future talk about molly percocets.

The one time Future decided to change up the mumble rap, basic trap instrumental songs that we expect from him was a complete disaster of a record called HNDRXX, and you can forget everything that has come since. What song off The WIZRD is still relevant today? None, and that will hold true for High Off Life.

This record is so drab, boring, and run-of-the-mill that it doesn’t deserve the Awful Albums title I was going to give it because it would be rewarding in a sense for its lack of any interesting ideas. The autotune is terrible. Future sounds as awful as ever and almost evert song is boring and forgettable. Let’s not forget that this Future, a non-lyricist, with 70 minutes of content on here….

I can give this record some light praise for “Too Comfortable”; mostly due to the very luscious and plucky instrumental. I like the piano work on “Outer Space Bih”, and Future’s hook on the track. But yeah, that’s where the positives start and stop on this record.

I really think that looking at a Future record from a critical eye is really counterproductive at this point since he is not going to change up anything or show any signs of improvement since he rose into the spotlight. Unless Future drops a much shorter record or does another collab project, I don’t see the reason to listen to any future music from him. It’s hell for me now.

Richest Tracks: “Too Comfortable”, “Outer Space Bih”

Worst Track: “One Of My”

Rating: 1.5/10

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