Brendan Leipsic continues a disturbing trend

Photo by Michael Dwyer/AP Photo

Former Washington Capitals forward Brendan Leipsic is under fire as misogynistic comments of his were released on social media this past week to the public. Comments about other league members’ girlfriends and wives were included in the online chat group in which Leipsic took part in. The Washington Capitals have decided to cut ties with Leipsic and terminate their contract together following the public release.

The comments were about the weights and appearances of players girlfriends and the things that were thought of inappropriately about these women. The comments were in a group chat of multiple professional players and siblings of the National Hockey League members. Not only was this not on a personal messaging site but it was done in a group chat on Instagram, in which the group sent stories and posts from the girlfriends as well as teams to each other with disturbing comments.

Hockey players have a reputation of being men who have no filter and think highly of themselves. Leipsic is following the stereotype in not watching what he publicly says or how he carries himself in the league. Leipsic showed no respect for the league, especially toward his current team and linemates. While these comments surfaced they showed direct jabs at his fellow Capital linemates and their significant others. 

The NHL has apologized for these remarks and has recognized the need for change. However, will there actually be a change in the hockey culture? Yes, Leipsic will take a major career hit and could possibly see the end of it soon, but the same scenarios of players and lack of public speaking knowledge keep recurring. The players need to be trained on the growing trend of social media and how everyone is watching them. As a player who has been in the league for four seasons and has been involved with five separate teams you would think a player such as Leipsic would understand the intensity of the media in sports. 

Leipsic is taking well deserved backlash for these comments but has yet to make a statement about these released group messages. Leipsic has lost his Capitals contract as well and has made a huge target on his back regarding being signed by another team anytime soon. Comments like these are not tolerated by the league or fans and have caused a social media scandal. At this point, the Capitals and the NHL must pick up the pieces and fix a tattered image. 

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