Awful albums: NAV – Good Intentions

Is it really a surprise anymore that a NAV album is awful? Honestly, there’s not much of a gap in the talent between him and a rapper/producer that fronts about how hard he is after spending four years at a private, Catholic high school right smack in the middle of Santa Monica.

Of course, I was dreading doing this review because that means I have to go through nearly an hour of garbage material, and NAV didn’t disappoint.

This is the third half-assed attempt of an album from the Canadian artist, who, for whatever reason, has bursted onto the scene in the trap-specific subgenre with the likes of Gunna, Young Thug, Future, and Lil Uzi Vert. However, these four at least have a song that you can listen to and go “Wow, that’s actually good. I understand how they have a fanbase”. That’s not the case with NAV as for three years now, not one song has stood out into where I can find any likable qualities.

This sentiment slightly took a turn as “Turks” is finally a decent song in the NAV discography. The only problem is that this is a rip-off of “Hot”. Oh, and look who’s featured on this song: Gunna and Travis Scott.

Aside from that, there’s this annoying theme on this album where NAV feels that his career is compromised because he is a “brown boy“. He is of Punjabi descent, but how is that going to affect how you are critiqued? Are you seriously going to find narratives that I’ve never seen debated to excuse the lack of effort put into any of your content?

Newsflash, being black doesn’t automatically make you a good rapper, and being of any other background doesn’t automatically make you a terrible rapper.

Aside from that, there’s just no likable qualities about this record. There’s a trippy, psychedelic trap beat on “Codeine” that goes pretty hard, but when Gunna outshines you on your own song, you know that you probably should just shut it down at this point because you clearly are not getting any better.

Yeah, that’s Good Intentions, ladies and gentlemen. Awful rapping. Recycled material. You’ve heard it before. Nav’s Good Intentions is an awful album. Society has progressed past the need for new NAV music.

Richest Track: “Turks”

Worst Track: “Brown Boy”

Rating: 1/10

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