Broncos add offensive depth in 2020 draft class to match high-scoring AFC West

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The Denver Broncos have had their ups and downs in the past seasons lacking in offensive strength. While this team has fought hard since winning the Super Bowl in 2016 they have fallen short of the playoffs and are looking to rebuild. With the free agency pickups A.J. Bouye and Jurrell Casey, the Broncos have done well addressing defensive needs. With Drew Lock coming onto the scene as the new quarterback last season, the team needed to build him the offense that would help score touchdowns and be able to run the ball. With the 2020 draft there was no way of guessing which players the Broncos manager and coach would want to pick to reshape the team. 

No. 15 overall pick: Jerry Jeudy, WR. Alabama

The Broncos mindset was on the offensive and that showed with the fifteenth pick of the draft, going with wide receiver Jerry Jeudy. Jeudy is a strong player out of Alabama where he played three years as their top reciever. Jeudy has great speed but his greatest strength is his ability to run routes.  With his ability to run the routes, Lock will find him easy to throw to, but Jeudy needs to be consistent in catching those passes. Jeudy will benefit the Broncos on the offensive side especially with veteran Courtland Sutton and DaeSean Hamilton showing him the ropes. 

Grade: A

No. 46 overall pick: KJ Hamler, WR, Penn State

The Broncos chose to go for another strong wide receiver in order to further rebuild the offense. K.J. Halmer played at Penn State but sat out due to injury his senior season. Halmer is a great slot runner and has the ability to run the routes well. Halmer has speed that allows him to dart between players while holding onto the ball. While he is expected to start his first season in the NFL, veteran players in Sutton and Spencer Hamler will give him guidance in more direct paths with his routes.

Grade:  B-

No. 77 overall pick: Michael Ojemudia, CB, Iowa

While the Broncos have multiple cornerbacks already in the lineup, they saw the need to get Ojemudia. A senior out of Iowa, Ojemudia played four years at university and managed to have 125 tackles in his time there. Ojemudia lacks the ability to follow the ball and his assigned receiver, which occasionally makes for sloppy playmaking. Ojemudia has the size and arm length that is hard to block which does challenge the other team. With training with the rest of the defensive backs, he has the potential to improve for future seasons but will not start this season. 

Grade: C-

No. 83 overall pick: Lloyd Cushenberry, C, LSU

With needs on the offensive line, Cushenberry was the next to grab. This 3rd round pick was a good pick with his ability to frame the run game. Cushenberry is a strong player but can lack the focus in positioning at times. Cushenberry has the ability to start within his first two seasons especially with help from veteran players and coaching staff. Once Cushenberry learns to focus and be consistent he could be a great player. 

Grade: B

No. 95 overall pick:  McTelvin Agim, DL, Arkansas 

The Broncos moved onto the defensive side for this pick. Agim is new to playing defensive tackle which could lead to some problems here and there but with training from coaches and players such as Shelby Harris, Agim can improve into this role. Agim has experience in multiple different defensive line positions which can be useful in blocking plays. Agim is a bigger player which allows him to absorb tackles and hits from other players. Agim is not expected to start right away but he has great potential once getting a grip on the role. 

Grade: A-

No. 118 overall pick: Albert Okwuegbunam, TE, Missouri. 

The Broncos can be repetitive in loading picks, as they have multiple tight ends already on file. Okwuegbunam is a strong player out of Missouri that brings a combination of speed and size. Okwuegbunam has incredible catching skills and is good at making those endzone catches. While he has the speed and size, it isn’t always for his benefit as it can lead to slow starts and clunky changes.  With training and developing his game with the coaches Okwuegbunam has potential to play at some point but needs to be trained beforehand. 

Grade: B-

No. 178 overall pick: Justin Strnad, LB, Wake Forest

The Broncos added a big unit with this pick. Built like a safety, Strnad is one who consistently finds play after play to get the best outcome. Strand is quick on his feet and has the athleticism needed to be a good player. However, with being one to find the plays this leads to Strnad getting distracted by what is right in front of him and not the end goal at times. Justin Strnad has potential to be a great backup to Alexander Johnson and could start after some guidance from veteran players and staff.

Grade: B-

No. 181 overall pick: Netane Muti, G, Fresno State

Muti is another big unit added to the Broncos offensive line. Muti is a mass when blocking opponents and has the strength to make the big blocks. While he has the developmental skills to be great he did not have a very successful college career due to major injuries. Muti is a hard hitter and has the potential to be good but needs training and could see the field in a few seasons. 

Grade: C+

No.  252 overall pick: Tyrie Cleveland, WR, Florida

Still focusing on offense, the Broncos added Tyrie Cleveland to the mix. Cleveland was supposed to be great going into his college career but left Florida unhappy with not following up to those expectations. Cleveland lacks speed which makes him an easy check and is not strong coming into the routes. Cleveland has the catching ability and framework needed to play this game but needs training to improve. Cleveland could potentially make the roster but needs to work with players to find how to improve.

Grade: C- 

No. 254 overall pick:  Derrek Tuszka, EDGE, North Dakota State

The Broncos chose to add a unit to their defensive line with the selection of Tuszka. A player who led North Dakota State to FCS titles, Tuszka is going to be a big asset to the team. Tuszka is great at using force to drive his attacks and has power to pop and tackle. While Tuszka is a great player, he will have challenges in the NFL with his lack of length which bigger players can use to their advantage. While Tuszka will most likely be a backup this season, he could be a strong back-up contender with new free agency pick up Jurrell Stacey there to help coach and play with him. 

Grade: A

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