DaBaby – ‘Blame It on Baby’ album review

Jonathan Kirk is back with his third record in just over a year. Last year, DaBaby exploded onto the mainstream with his hit song “Suge” on his debut album Baby On Baby. In September of the same year, Kirk would return with his second record in which he names after himself. KIRK could have given him a chance to step out of his novelty sound and bangers, but it gave us another “Suge” in “BOP” and everything else felt like filler even with quick runtime.

When this album was announced last week, I really had no anticipation to hear anything different or for Kirk to improve on what he does best, especially that this album is fairly similar in name and cover art.

At its best, Blame It on Baby, just proves that. DaBaby is a novelty act that can only bring a single banger to an album, no matter the length. It could be a 12-minute, 4-song EP, and only one song off that work is going to actually hit with an audience. It’s not like “Suge” or “BOP’ blow me away either. They just do their job at being rap bangers, and allow people to get hype during a concert or if you want something to listen to for a workout.

Fortunately, we do get something a bit off the beaten path for DaBaby standards as the title track sees the beloved flow of Kirk with a plethora of beat switches, which all work in a fairly seamless transition. The song does go pretty hard; that I cannot deny.

“JUMP” tries to be this record’s “Suge”, and it is respectable at the most. NBA YoungBoy is listenable for once in his musical career, but once again, it really just shows the lack of range DaBaby has to create a quality track.

Everything else on this record is, as expected, filler. He tries singing on tracks like “SAD S*IT” and “NASTY”, but it doesn’t work at all. As long as DaBaby sticks to his traditional, one-dimensional flow, he will be able to create a hit every now and then, but he is shown all his cards as an artist, and his relevancy is really waning now unless he really can surprise in his future releases with something different.

Richest Tracks: “JUMP”, “BLAME IT ON BABY”

Worst Track: “SAD S*IT”

Rating: 3/10

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