Awful albums: Tory Lanez – The New Toronto 3

This should come as no surprise: Tory Lanez’s newest album The New Toronto 3 is awful.

Tory Lanez is a Canadian rapper, “singer”, and most importantly, a Drake-wannabe whose claim to fame came from his 2016 hit single, “Say It”. While that song is, at the very most, listenable, there’s nothing that really pops out from the song or gave anyone reason as to keep interest in the artist, and I am shocked at just how popular the artist has become with his 8.1 million followers on Instagram and 1.7 million followers on Twitter. I have no idea where this following comes from.

Going through Lanez’s discography, there is not one minute that stands out or sounds like Lanez is giving a single damn about putting out quality material. When I have to look up the name of every project you have released, there’s a problem.

I guess you can say his popularity can be attributed to being a Canadian hip-hop artist, in which the expectation is that you will be the next Drake or The Weeknd. Yeah, that’s never gonna be the case for this guy as everything he has released, especially on his last record is just bland, recycled material that you have heard 100 times over and he wears his influences on his sleeve.

The New Toronto 3 is full of the same 808 kick drums that are apparent in every trap song today, and Lanez is even more full of himself on this project than ever before. He even copies the exact same flow AND vocal inflections as one of his greatest rivals, Mr. Aubrey Graham, on “Letter To The City 2”. Instrumentally, it’s a Drake song. Vocally, it’s a Drake song. It would be difficult to attribute Lanez to this song if you didn’t know you were listening to him.

“Dope Boy’s Diary” is the most ill-advised song on one bar, Lanez says, “B**ch, I’m openin’ the fire, catchin’ bodies like corona in the virus”….. Good God, are we really going to have a trend of rappers trying to be clever on a global pandemic that is costing people jobs and killing in the tens of thousands? Are artists this wack at being original?

“10 F**KS” had the most potential of being a good song with a lively flow and a catchy instrumental, but it’s lyrical content is so gross that it just makes it unbearable.

Every other track on this album isn’t even worth mentioning because there’s nothing to talk about. Only the most casual hip-hop listener is going to find this record even remotely interesting. Lanez’s vocals are as washed out, reverb-ed and processed as ever before. All of it is just bad. I guess my curiosity got the best of me of trying to find new albums to review as many artists have delayed their work.

That was a waste of 45 minutes.

Richest Tracks: The instrumental to “10 F**KS”

Worst Tracks: Everything Else

Rating: 0/10

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