‘Jay and Silent Bob Reboot’ Review

It has been nearly two decades since Jay and Silent Bob went to Hollywood to stop the Blunt Man and Chronic movie in Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. Upon hearing that the film is getting a reboot, Jay and Silent Bob are once again on a quest to halt its production. However, this time they are not alone for the ride. Now that the film is on Amazon Prime, I finally had the opportunity to watch it.

Written and directed by Kevin Smith, Jay and Silent Bob Reboot stars Jay Mewes and Kevin Smith as the title characters. After losing a court case to Saban films, the studio behind the Bluntman and Chronic reboot, the two can no longer self-identify as “Jay and Silent Bob.” Upon visiting Brodie Bruce, played by Jason Lee, he informs that the reboot is being directed by none other than Kevin Smith. While mostly completed, the film has one key scene left that is being filmed at “Chronic Con” in three days. The two must get to the convention, which is in Los Angeles, and stop the film in order to get their names back. However, on their way to the convention, Jay learns that his ex-girlfriend Justice, played by Shannon Elizabeth, is residing in Chicago. When the two visit Justice, they learn that she and Jay have a secret love child named Millennium “Milly” Faulken, who is played by Kevin Smith’s own daughter, Harley Quinn Smith. Once Milly learns that Jay and Silent Bob are headed to Chronic Con, she forces them to take her and her friend Soapy there, as they are huge Bluntman and Chronic fans. Various shenanigans ensue on their way to LA.

Jay and Silent Bob Reboot is a return to form for Smith. After years of trying to get Clerks 3 and Mallrats 2 off the ground, Kevin Smith decided to finally make a Jay and Silent Bob sequel. Reboot is full of hilarious moments, shocking guest star appearances and some surprisingly heartfelt moments. While I personally, like many others, did not enjoy Smith’s last two films, Tusk and Yoga Hosers, I must applaud him for acknowledging these shortcomings in an extremely comedic manner within his own film. Kevin Smith has always poked fun at his own filmography, especially in the original Jay and Silent Bob, but I do not remember it ever being this hilarious.

While Reboot is first and foremost a comedy, it packs plenty of heartfelt moments. Mewes manages to bring so much emotion and depth to a character that was originally intended to be purely comedic. This is shown particularly in the scene near the end where Jay and Silent Bob reconnect with Holden McNeil, played by Ben Affleck, at the convention. As great as it was to see Smith play a characterization of himself in this movie, his performance as Silent Bob left far more of an impact, both comedically and emotionally. Mewes and Smith are a perfect combination, and while I hope to see them again on the big screen in the future, I would be fine if this was their last movie as Jay and Silent Bob.

Jay and Silent Bob Reboot felt like a classic Kevin Smith film, and is easily his best work of the last decade. While not quite as good as the first, Reboot still brought me many hearty laughs. Jay and Silent Bob are not clown shoes.

Rating: 7.5/10

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