‘Onward’ movie review

Pixar is back with its next big-hit film and it is finally a nice change from a re-done storyline. Onward is Pixar’s latest project about two brothers who go on a grand adventure to bring their dad back for 24 hours. Ian (voiced by Tom Holland) and Barley (voiced by Chris Pratt) are given a gift by their mom (voiced by Julia-Louis Dreyfus). It is a wizard staff saved in an attic by their dad who passed away. Along with it, there is a spell left by their dad to bring him back for 24 hours. After using the spell, the wizard staff explodes causing the spell to not fully finish. The boys see a figure come out of Ian’s closet and it’s their dad! Well, their dad’s legs. The boys take Barley’s van on a road trip to complete the spell to get the full body of their dad back. The adventure ahead of them takes many turns and tests the brotherhood between Ian and Barley.

Whether it be because of their connection through Marvel or through their own comedic genius, Pratt and Holland have a natural chemistry throughout the movie allowing for a great dynamic between their two characters. Barley (Pratt) is a graduated high school student who spends his time at home playing a game similar to Dungeons and Dragons. Ian (Holland) is a 16-year-old who is celebrating his birthday in the film. He is reserved, shy, but intelligent. He never had the chance to meet his dad. The characters in the movie are relatable as this film deals with magic being used in a world very similar to our own.

Director Dan Scanlon really put together a quality film. The movie is based off of his own life. His dad passed away when he was young, and he uses Onward to express his feelings of things he wishes he could have done with his own father if he could bring him back to life. He portrays the emotion of the film through an emotional soundtrack that helps you feel the message of the film.

Overall, Onward is a great family film that everyone in your family can relate to. Magic and technology blend along with showing the trials that siblings have to deal with. But ultimately, family does come over everything else.

Due to COVID-19, Onward is available now for digital download and on April 3rd on Disney+.

Rating: 7/10

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