Don Toliver – ‘Heaven or Hell’ album review

Cactus Jack product Don Toliver has finally dropped his debut record with Heaven or Hell. Toliver has been in the rap game since 2017 with mixtapes like Playa Familia and Donny Womack(2018). However, we all know where we were when we first truly heard Toliver’s voice and that was on one of the best tracks off Travis Scott’s Astroworld, “Can’t Say”. One of the catchiest and stickiest hooks from that year came from Toliver and I cannot stop listening to that song even to this day.

With Heaven or Hell I went in with the expectation of a Travis Scott-esque album since Toliver does incorporate a lot of the psychedelic tendencies that vocal inflictions that Scott has. After giving the project a listen, it is exactly that, but Toliver does just enough to give himself his own path in an enjoyable experience.

Now, this project is nothing mind-blowing, but if you enjoy a lot of psychedelic trap, a la Travis Scott, this will satisfy the same fanbase.

While there is a lane for Toliver to carve his own lane of music, he cannot fall on the same Scott tropes in his later projects. It works for a project like this because there is a fanbase for him and it is a debut, but you cannot have a song like “Euphoria” that sounds just like “Mile High“, a song that Scott was featured on, and think you can continue to make similar tracks in the future. His novelty will run out quick.

It doesn’t take away the handful of positives on this record though as tracks like “After Party”, “Had Enough”(where Migos members are actually listenable for once), “No Photos”, and my personal favorite on this record, “Wasted”, all have enjoyable qualities and show that Toliver has a lane to massive success.

If he can find a way to back off of a Travis Scott influence a little bit, then we could see the next star in trap.

Richest Tracks: “Heaven or Hell”, “Euphoria”, “After Party”, “Wasted”, Had Enough”, “No Photos”

Worst Track: “No Idea”

Rating: 6.5/10

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