Lil Uzi Vert – ‘Eternal Atake’ album review

If 2001: A Space Odyssey was remade today, it would probably be of the same quality and have no themes surrounding space or extraterrestrial life just like Lil Uzi Vert’s highly-anticipated project Eternal Atake, or as it should be pronounced ‘Atak-ay’. Yeah, Eternal Atake is not very good.

Lil Uzi has been one of the most hyped-up artists of the 2010s within the trap genre. Tracks like “XO Tour Llif3” and “The Way Life Goes” are what sent Uzi into the stratosphere of popularity in the genre and now the goal for him was to live up to the popularity he had garnered for himself. Unfortunately with Eternal Atake, its proof that Uzi is way overhyped and his potential really comes down to if a single song can stick or not. He doesn’t have the talent to carry an entire album to greatness.

This record, specifically, was one that was anticipated and teased for years. Everyone expected this to be a transcendent experience, especially with the futuristic, alienistic and, literally, out-of-this-world project that was going to change the trap game.

Sadly, aside from a couple of misplaced skids that have nods to space travel and a couple of instrumentals that have that psychedelic and otherworldly feel to them, the content of the tracks and the overall sound of the project is just another average, run-of-the-mill trap record that you’ve 50 times before. It’s another record that serves the lowest-common denominator of music fans.

It’s the same problem that I had with Playboi Carti’s Die Lit. How these records have gained traction and generate the fanbase they have today is beyond my knowledge, but says a lot about what artists can get away with today in terms of serving quality music or just filling the needs of their fanbase. It’s just not for me, but all the power to you if you enjoy Carti’s or Uzi’s music. Just don’t listen to more complex music that you wouldn’t be able to grasp.

I feel like Uzi draws a lot of undeserved comparisons to Young Thug in regards to their similar voice inflictions, but Thugger’s is so much better and he can branch out into different tones and genres in music and it works…..most of the time. Yes, I despise So Much Fun.

I was expecting a slightly conceptual project with the cover art examples for the project, but all I got were numerous references to sex and placing your face in female genitalia kinda like Young Thug’s last project. It’s just a whole 62 minute, 18 song record of mush and nothing that hasn’t been done before.

Hey, at least “Baby Pluto” is fire.

Richest Tracks: “Baby Pluto”, “Silly Watch”, “Homecoming”

Worst Tracks: “POP”, “Urgency”

Rating: 3/10

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