Steve O’Donnell provides update on Newman crash

This morning, NASCAR executive vice president Steve O’Donnell held a press conference to discuss the procedures and findings from Ryan Newman’s horrific crash on the final lap of last week’s Daytona 500.

O’Donnell laid out that the update would not concern anything with Newman’s health or medical procedures due to privacy concerns.

He gave a stamp time in regard to the medical response to Newman’s car and the procedures to extract him from the car. At 19 seconds after Newman’s car stopped, a tool truck with firemen arrived to the car. At 35 seconds, a paramedic was inside Newman’s car to check on his status. At the 6:56 mark, paramedics made the decision to flip Newman’s car upright. At the 11:10 mark, the roof of the car was removed to make the extraction of Newman safer and four minutes later, Newman was removed the car and transported to the Halifax Medical Center. He was treated at all moments except when car was being turned over.

In regard to the superspeedway package and rules procedures, O’Donnell stated, “We are looking at everything and anything. Liftoff speeds, OT rules….etc. It’s all on the board. No change to caution procedures. It will be a continued dialogue with drivers.”

It was also addressed in the presser that Newman has to be cleared by a medical team to return to competition, but a timetable on that is still ‘To Be Determined’.

When the cars were sent to NASCAR R&D(Research & Development) Center in North Carolina, O’Donnell said that there wasn’t a joyous atmosphere even though the equipment saved Newman’s life. “This is our job. This is what we do and you’ve got the 40 drivers in the garage who expect us to do this every day,” O’Donnell said.

NASCAR’s next superspeedway race will take place at Talladega in late April.

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