The XFL should not exist

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So you watched Week 1 of the G-League, “woke” version of the NFL and you were sold into the belief that it is changing football forever. HAHAHAHA.

The WWE…I mean, XFL, has no business existing.

Football is meant to take place during one specific season of the year: Fall.

High school football, college football and the NFL are wonderful when they are concurrently taking place at the exact same time of the year. Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from late August to early December are the only times that football should be occurring. Football is not a Spring sport.

If Cardale Jones, Aaron Murray and Matt McGloin get you excited on Saturdays and Sundays, then you should rethink why you watch football. ESPN recently put out an article on how the league is going to center itself around their “face”…….. LANDRY JONES.

Just like the AAF, the XFL got all the hype for Week 1 because it was meant to bring back “the true spirit of football”. Fewer penalties, transparency from officiating, more plays and less downtime. Viewership was just under 3 million for the first AAF games and the XFL hit 3.3 million in its first week.

What the XFL is trying to do is serve the needs of the lowest common denominator of sports fans. The casuals. This is why I can’t stand the casual sports fan because they only are focused on the NBA and NFL when there are professional leagues that are much better, but because they are too complex for the casual eye, these fans turn a blind eye towards them.

I’m all for former players trying to get a second shot at making the NFL, but why does a developmental, redemption league need to be treated as a professional league? It doesn’t, but because football is the most popular sport in the United States, TV’s top dogs fell right into the trap and now, Disney(both parent company of FOX and ESPN) will look foolish for broadcasting a league full of C- players that couldn’t quite make it in the NFL.

Spring is meant for the beginning of two sports: racing and baseball. NASCAR and the MLB should not see ratings competitions from a league that is trying to brainwash sports fans into thinking that it can be on the same level as the top pro leagues in the country.

I’ll give the XFL props though. You almost fooled me, but I know better and I know that your league is a total scam.

Fold the franchise, XFL. Football is solely for the Fall.

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