2019-20 NFL season reflections

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The 2019-20 NFL season has concluded and the Super Bowl was a good ending to a crazy season. The San Francisco 49ers looked like they were on their way to their sixth Super Bowl win, but Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs would not be denied as they scored a Super Bowl record 21 points in the 4th quarter to give the Chiefs their first Super Bowl win in 50 years. As we head into what should be a thrilling offseason, here are my final thoughts on this season.

  • Patrick Mahomes not only broke the Madden curse, but also has established himself as the new face of the NFL. He is the league’s best player and should continue to dominate throughout this decade. With the Chiefs having the most amount of cap space, the Chiefs may win more Super Bowls before Mahomes is finished.
  • Kudos to the 49ers. While they blew a 20-10 4th quarter lead in the Super Bowl, they went from 4-12 to the big game and that’s incredible. The turnaround they had was incredible and fans of the team should be proud of their team. With all the close games the 49ers played this season, they were incredible to watch. This was Jimmy G’s first season as a starter, and he’ll improve. Have fun Seahawks, Rams and Cardinals.
  • Speaking of the Rams, the previous runner-up looks doomed for the future as Gurley looks like a shell of his former self and they have a bad offensive line. I hope that NFC Championship Game win at New Orleans was worth years of potential failure Rams fans.
  • In the preseason, I picked the Cowboys and Eagles to have great seasons and I think if Philly stays healthy and Mike McCarthy can somewhat coach, don’t be surprised if both are Super Bowl contenders next season.
  • The NFL flexed a Saturday triple-header this season in Week 16 and all three games were a blast to watch. They need to do that again next season. That was my favorite NFL day this season.
  • The Patriots and Saints need to embrace the future. The Saints, even though they won’t, should have Taysom Hill take control of the offense and the Patriots need to let Brady go. The Patriots will do no better next season they last season if Brady is once again the starter. Brady, either retire or go to the Titans, please.
  • The Panthers need to draft Justin Herbert who I think could be a perfect fit for their franchise going forward. Herbert is efficient and a game manager. With a young defense and Christian McCaffrey, that’s what they need.
  • Trevor Lawrence on the Chargers would be prefect. If I’m the Chargers, I’m tanking this season or I’m trading a fortune to get him.
  • I’m really intrigued to see how Brian Flores upgrades the Dolphins’ roster. He won five games with a 0-16 roster. Imagine if he has a 5-11 roster next season.

It was a fun NFL season and now, it is time to get excited about the upcoming sports spectacles such as March Madness and the UEFA Champions League Knockout Round.

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