Trades to make prior to deadline

All eyes are locked on Adrian Wojnarowski’s and Shams Charania’s Twitter accounts for the next day as the NBA Trade Deadline nears. As teams try to set themselves up to make a run at the title this year or start planning around players to rebuild for the future, here are a few trades that make the most sense in my eye before this deadline.

Clippers acquire Andre Iguodala or Clint Capela

Due to Drummond’s massive contract, the Clippers will not be able to land the coveted big man. However, the Atlanta Hawks just acquired Clint Capela from the Houston Rockets and have no reason to hold on to him with rising star John Collins on the roster. To make up for Capela’s $14M salary, the Clippers can send Mo Harkless’ $11M to Atlanta and 2nd-year player Jerome Robinson. The Hawks are in a total rebuild and don’t need Capela to be a part of it. Capela’s rebounding and post defense is something the Clippers need to be the clear favorites to win the title.

In another scenario, the Clippers could also send Harkless and Robinson to Memphis for Andre Iguodala, who has not played a single game for the Grizzlies this season. Harkless would be a solid veteran piece to a young roster looking to reach the playoffs. Iguodala brings more championship pedigree to the Clippers that are missing that one other guy to help lead them to the title.

Derrick Rose to Lakers, Andre Drummond/Kyle Kuzma to Grizzlies, Avery Bradley/Jae Crowder/Jonas Valanciunas to Pistons

Kyle Kuzma has been nothing short of underwhelming this year for the Lakers and they need better shooting desperately. Insert former MVP Derrick Rose into the Lakers rotation, replace Rajon Rondo’s minutes with him and you have an offense that will not have to rely on the dominance of LeBron and Anthony Davis. Kuzma could find a home with a bunch of gritty, young talent in Memphis. Plus, the addition of Drummond makes them a potential surprise team come postseason. Detroit has nothing to gain, therefore they can take on veteran talents in Bradley, Crowder and Valanciunas who they can easily get rid of in a year or two.

D’Angelo Russell to Knicks

Now, this is a trade involving two bad teams this year with the Warriors and Knicks. However, Golden State can get right back into playoff contention in 2020-21 when Klay Thompson and Stephen curry are healthy. By then, Russell will not be able to find any rhythm with those two taking most of the shots. Why not send D-Lo to the Knicks, where he can be a star, instead of keeping him with Curry and Thompson? In return, the Warriors can get a young but solid big man in Julius Randle and a backup point guard in Dennis Smith Jr.

Davis Bertans to Celtics

This all comes down to whether or not the Celtics are willing to part with some rookie talent. The Celtics lack that game-to-game, knock down three-point shooter that Bertans is. The best possible trade for Boston here is giving up at least two of the three rookies in Romeo Langford, Grant Williams and Carsen Edwards. If Boston wants to win now, this trade works just fine for them. However, knowing the high-risk, high-reward this trade possesses, the Celtics really need to think deep into this if they want to make it happen.

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