Chicharito to MLS

Illustration by Bryce Wood

Money does not solve your problems, and the LA Galaxy’s newest signing just shows that to continue. Javier “Chicharito” Hernandez has yet to have his official announcement by the club, but he has found his new home in LA. This signing is set to make him the highest paid player in Major League Soccer, the previously held title was Zlatan, a former center forward for the Galaxy.

LA continues to fit the narrative that American soccer needs to spend money to find talent. As long as Major League Soccer continues to bring in older talents, the sport will never gain the popularity it needs on international waters. This is a bad signing for the Galaxy. Hernandez has played almost 902 minutes with only 17 appearances and four goals to show for it. Is this really going to be your new hero Los Angeles? I know you have the leg up on your cross city rivals but that is because you had Zlatan. Zlatan is a lifetime talent that we were privileged to have in the league. But this signing, which Stuart Holden is quoted saying “this is the biggest signing for MLS since David Beckham”, is not even close to that.

I want to be proven wrong and this is a player I want to see do well to revive his career but this signing is a bust. The Galaxy have more money than they know what to do with but they haven’t even come close to sniffing a final since 2015. They should have no issue finding more players to build around but this team has an average age of almost 26, that isn’t the best way to find success in a league that is slowly building through its youth. Look at teams like Atlanta, New England, DC, and LAFC. Teams who are building youth systems and playing better professionally because of it.

In the end, the Galaxy need to leave behind their ways of the past and stop thinking one player is going to fix everything. They have an aging midfield, a very shaky defense and now a new toy they’re going to try to fix an attack with. MLS always has parity and this season with two new teams trying to prove themselves, they will attempt to give these old dog teams a run for their money.

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