Eric Bieniemy says Howdy, Houston

Photo via David Eulitt/Getty Images

The Kansas City Chiefs just defeated the Houston Texans 51-31 to advance to their second-straight AFC Championship Game. In just the span of three quarters after being shutout 24-0 in the first quarter, the Chiefs would go on to score seven consecutive touchdowns, 41 unanswered points and outscore Houston 51-7 in the winning effort. The mastermind behind the comeback: offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy.

It’s a no-brainer for Houston.

Bill O’Brien has proven time and time again that he cannot lift the Houston Texans over the hump to reach the AFC title game. This is the fourth playoff appearance under O’Brien where the franchise has failed to win the Wild Card or Divisional round game. Let’s just look at today’s game where Mr. O’Brien had a 21-0 lead and had the opportunity to stomp their foot on Kansas City’s throat as they were driving. All of a sudden, the Texans had 4th & short in the red zone and Deshaun Watson had to take a timeout because they did not have the correct personnel on the field. Instead of scheming a play that would help them covert the fourth down, which likely would have led to a 28-0 lead, O’Brien chooses to kick a field goal. That’s when all hell broke loose at Arrowhead.

Watson is already a great QB, who has shown to even be better than the decision-making made by O’Brien. How can the Texans unlock Watson’s full potential? All they need to do is make that walk across the field and have a conversation with Bieniemy.

No one expected Patrick Mahomes to garner the success he has already had, which resulted in league MVP last year. Andy Reid deserves a lot of credit for this highly-prolific and efficient Chiefs offense but it is Bieniemy who is making it all work.

If the Texans want to take that next step and have what the Chiefs already have in Mahomes, they need to fire O’Brien and look at Bieniemy as their next head coach. Forget the interview, scoring 51 points on your team after being down 24 points was the best interview you are going to get to find your next head coach.

The ball is in your court, Houston. Eric Bieniemy is your next head coach.

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