Revisiting ‘The Santa Clause’

It is Christmas season and this is the perfect time to watch some Christmas movies. There are a lot of Christmas movies that are very cheesy but very fun to watch. One of the best Christmas movies is The Santa Clause, which came out in 1994 and it is a classic movie that I recommend families watching together during the holiday season.

The Santa Clause is about toy salesman Scott Calvin, played by Tim Allen, spending Christmas with his son Charlie and on Christmas Eve, he is visited by Santa. Thinking that Santa is an intruder, he goes outside to confront him. Then, Santa is startled, falls off the roof, dies and vanishes into thin air. Calvin then puts on the suit and reluctantly becomes the new Santa due to The Santa “Clause”. Following that, Calvin performing his duties as Santa and then wakes up the next morning and thinks it was a dream. Throughout the next year, he starts gaining weight as he loves milk and cookies and growing the Santa beard. As this happens, he slowly accepts his new identity.

Tim Allen is fantastic and puts on an iconic performance. At first, Calvin is very reluctant and in denial of being Santa, but at the same time, he is very caring about his son who saw him become Santa. This is portrayed very well by Allen as he must keep his son happy as he is the most important person to him but also, try to be realistic in his eyes. Allen goes through emotional battles in the movie and Allen displays this well with a very wholesome performance. Watching him embrace the role of Santa Claus is awesome but the character stays consistent as his son is still the most important thing to him. Allen’s blend of humor and emotion makes his performance a memorable one.

Eric Lloyd plays Scott’s son, Charlie and while he is like a lot of child actors that portray children that can be very annoying to watch sometimes, he is serviceable and is good in the movie. He portrays a child in a tough situation as no one believes his father is Santa and having to deal with divorced parents.

One great aspect of this film is the battle between Scott, his ex-wife and her new husband. They don’t believe in Santa Claus and they are trying to get Charlie to stop believing in Santa Claus. Calvin just wants to make his son happy and this on-going battle is resolved in a satisfying way to help make this movie more memorable.

The movie sets up a fun atmosphere. The North Pole looks very fun and brings to life what kids would think the North Pole looks like. The elves and Santa look good as real costumes were used and it looks realistic. While it is dated, the movie’s look can hold up as a classic.

Overall, this is a great Christmas movie to watch as Tim Allen puts on a great performance as Santa and Scott Calvin and the story is wholesome and fun at the same time. I recommend watching this with your family as you celebrate the holiday season.

Rating: 9/10

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