Lizzo vs. Everybody

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The woman behind one of the best albums to come out of 2019, Cuz I Love You, has been under fire recently for certain acts that have seen her hyper-sexualize herself to such an extent that she became the story of a Los Angeles Lakers game. She practically showed up to the game, double-cheeked up on a Thursday afternoon, in a revealing outfit that culminated in her twerking her wide gluteus maximus on-camera to the thousands at STAPLES Center. Once this clip went viral, the social media world came down on her for the antics.

Cuz I Love You revolves around the themes of body positivity and self-love in a classy way that didn’t make Lizzo appear to be this self-righteous person that begged to be accepted by the public because of her weight. The album comes off as her just embracing who she is and loving herself regardless of what people have said about her appearance. Now, as she has garnered a ton of fame over the course of 2019, it appears as though she is using her appearance to draw ire from the public, which is why you see so many people annoyed by some of the content she publishes on social media.

What I have gathered from the public’s perspective is that she is sexualizing herself to a point where it is not sexy. In recent memory, social media has not been kind to plus-size women, especially those of African-American descent. While there have been making valid arguments that being overweight should not be promoted because it is not a “healthy lifestyle”, there are those that will jump on the train of tagging SeaWorld or mentioning SeaWorld in regards to these types of people.

The reason why I think Lizzo goes to these great lengths of promoting her body in a sexualized way is because she knows all the haters out there and she is responding by doing these acts. She doesn’t seem as conceited about herself more-so than trying to get the public riled up because she knows that almost all publicity is good publicity.

The arguments to doing it at sporting events and there being kids around is one that I think Lizzo needs to take into consideration. When she did show her bare behind on the big screen at STAPLES Center, she, most likely, did not have children in mind while doing this and was just having a good time. However, she is going to have to learn that from a business aspect, she’s not going to gain many fans from this and record labels are not going to pursue her because that is not someone they want to represent. Playing the antagonist doesn’t always have positive results in the real world and while I do support Lizzo’s deserved right to promote body positivity, she needs to re-consider the manners in which she chooses.

Going near-commando at a Laker game isn’t it.

If Lizzo wants to continue down this path of being a troll and performing these acts, she better know and accept the consequences that could come with it. She can’t come and lash out at the public down the line if her business is affected by some of these acts because she has already been warned.

On the other hand, if you want Lizzo to ease up on these sort of acts, then it has to be a two-way street. The SeaWorld and general fat jokes have to ease up as well. If the public is not ready to accept her for not having the “idealistic” body, then Lizzo should continue to be the Lizzo that we have come to know.

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