‘Noelle’ Film Review

Taking a break from my Star Wars marathon, the family I am staying with for Thanksgiving weekend decided to watch a Christmas movie. With the new release of Disney Plus and with Black Friday starting the Christmas season, we decided to watch Noelle, a Disney Plus original that released when the new streaming service launched on November 12. This is an enjoyable movie if you’re looking for a fun Christmas movie.

Noelle is about the family of Santa Claus. Santa passes away, but the new Santa has disappeared a week before Christmas. His sister, Noelle, goes to find him and bring him back before Christmas is ruined.

Noelle stars Anna Kendrick as Noelle, and Bill Hader as the new Santa. Kendrick does a great job of portraying an overly optimistic and joyous character. You can just tell throughout the movie that she was born to play a character like that. But even in the moments where her character develops and changes, she still acts like the goofy and quirky person and that keeps her character entertaining and consistent eve with the growth.

Bill Hader also stars in the movie and he puts on the usual and entertaining Bill Hader performance you can come to expect from him. He’s goofy, he has the “deer in the headlights” expression and he at the same time delivers incredible emotional moments.

The cinematography in the movie isn’t exceptional but one thing it does really well is it puts you in a place. Some of the movie takes place in Phoenix and it does a great job of making you feel like you are in Phoenix. Also, it shows the North Pole and it sets up well what the North Pole would look like if it was a place Santa Claus lived.

It is a comedy film, and while it doesn’t make one laugh a whole lot, it is a feel-good movie that one can smile and have fun watching throughout. While it is mainly a lighthearted movie, there are still some deep messages and emotional scenes throughout that add substance to the film. It is a predictable film, but it does a good job with the flow of the movie as the pace is constant and scenes don’t drag and have a purpose to them.

While it is nothing special, Noelle is a fun and feel-good Christmas movie that families can enjoy together this holiday season and one I would recommend.

Rating: 8/10

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