‘Frozen 2’ movie review

How appropriate for the Disney cast member to write the review of the newest released Disney animation movie. This past Saturday, I took the opportunity to go see Frozen II. The previews and commercials for the film looked enticing and after enjoying the first film, I figured, why not try out the sequel. Frozen II does not disappoint with the collection of a great soundtrack, gorgeous animation, and wonderful character development.

Frozen II dives into the story of Elsa’s powers. After receiving a mysterious, melodious call from an unknown source, Elsa, Anna, Sven, Kristoff, and Olaf make a trek to an unknown forest with mysteries of its’ own. Each character will face their own trials but will it be too dangerous for them to handle?

This film was full of wonderful performances from all of the returning voice actors. Idina Menzel and Kristen Bell lend their beautiful vocals to the movie with the help of a brilliant score written by Christophe Beck.

The biggest performance was from Josh Gad, who is the voice of Olaf. In the first film, Olaf was the comedic relief with a stereotypical role for when the movie had its slow times; to throw in a small joke to make it a comedic moment. Olaf’s character turns from the joke-cracking sidekick into the emotion-developing star. This movie shows Olaf continuing his life during the warm months with the help of Elsa’s designed permafrost to help keep Olaf alive. Olaf starts to develop emotion and really asks the deeper questions in life throughout the film. On the other side of the story, Anna and Elsa continue working on their sisterhood through getting through obstacles together. But this movie shows how even those with a strong family bond do need to fight some battles on their own.

The soundtrack to this film has many different styles that each member of the family can enjoy. The biggest song from Frozen II being “Into the Unknown”. This song is an equal song to “Let it Go” from the first movie. It is performed by Idina Menzel (Elsa). But my personal favorites from this movie were “Lost in the Woods” and “Show Yourself”. “Lost in the Woods” is an Aerosmith-type, rock ballad with Kristoff confessing his feelings and how he feels lost without Anna. The main reason why this song has a great meaning to it is that many Disney films show men being the strong character that does not need anyone’s help. But “Lost in the Woods” shows vulnerability from a male lead. “Show Yourself” is another Elsa song but it’s much softer and has meanings of revealing what you are on the inside. The title speaks for itself, but the meaning in the movie and the meaning from the actual song can be viewed as completely different. It has a softer tone to it, in comparison to “Into the Unknown”.

Finally, the cinematography in this film was gorgeous. It can be difficult to really decide what animation is viewed as top-notch compared to those who lack. Frozen II stands out above many animated films I have seen simply because of how well designed this movie was. The intricate details in the trees, the waves in the water and even the snowflakes on Olaf’s permafrost make this film breathtaking. The scenery of the forest had many moments where the film looked real.

Frozen II is the must-see winter film this Christmas season. Whether you like a classic Disney movie, a nice musical, or a child film with some classic adult jokes in it, Frozen II has plenty to offer for everyone.

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  1. Thank you for your review. I don’t have a very long attention span which makes sitting through a movie rather difficult for me. I am not a regular movie goer and don’t go many movies. However your review has made me want to go see Frozen ll, and soon.

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