Rich 10 NHL Rankings(Dec. 2nd-8th)

     1. Boston Bruins

  • Previous Ranking: 2
  • Record over this week: 4-0-0
  • The Bruins are continuing their amazing season all the way to the top. With an undefeated week, the Bruins put up a total of 16 goals this week, while only allowing five to be scored. It is clear that this team wants another go at the Stanley Cup in which they lost last year. This team has a great group of players that have been maximizing on scoring chances and blocking shots. This team is a threat to others and going up against some solid teams this week will be interesting.

     2. Washington Capitals

  • Previous Ranking: 1
  • Record over this week: 3-0-0
  • The Capitals have fallen from their number one seed but strictly based on the team above them just had a better week. This team has continued to points on the board and have allowed few scoring chances to other teams. While the goaltending has been rocky, allowing 8 goals in the past week, it still is lower than the 13 goals scored by the Capitals last week. Alexander Ovechkin is still carrying the team with most goals and points so far this season but other players, such as Evgeny Kuznetsov, are right behind him leading in assists. The Capitals have been playing good hockey and it is noticed but they didn’t do enough to come out on top this week.

     3. St. Louis Blues

  • Previous Ranking: 5
  • Record over this week: 3-0-1
  • The Blues are continuing to improve in the league and get back to where they were last season.  With players such as Brayden Schenn leading in goals and David Perron leading in points, these players are contributing to the success the team is having. The Blues are a team to keep on your radar as they are increasingly succeeding this season scoring 14 goals in the last three games. The Blues go up against the Blackhawks, Penguins, and Maple Leafs in the upcoming week.

     4. Edmonton Oilers

  • Previous Ranking: 3
  • Record over this week: 1-2-0
  • Edmonton is a consistent team with how they play, losing and winning back to back. This team is staying high on the list with consistent goal scoring and tending. This team has a +7 DIFF which shows that not only are they scoring but keeping goals out of their own net. However, their success takes a downfall, including letting 11 goals in three games last week compared to the 6 they scored. The consistency is not always present, which is the reason they fell this week to other teams.

     5. New York Islanders

  • Previous Ranking: 4
  • Record over this week: 1-2-0
  • The Islanders, for the second week in a row, are on the downhill outlook in the rankings. This team is continuing to struggle with keeping pucks out of the net and maximizing on scoring opportunities. With players such as Mathew Barzal and Brock Nelson carrying this team in most goals, assists, and points, more players need to maximize on opportunities and not let others control the ice. Goaltending doesn’t seem to be there as they allowed seven goals in two games and only scored a total of three in a total of three games shows the need for defense to help keep the scores lower on the opposing side.  Islanders sit in the third spot in the Eastern Conference but will they be able to keep it and move onto succeeding in future games?

     6. Philadelphia Flyers 

  • Previous Ranking: NR
  • Record over this week:3-0-0
  • The Flyers are a wild card this week as they move into the rankings. The Flyers are a team that has had a rough time making a name for themselves this season but with players such as Travis Konecny and Sean Couturier leading the team in goals and points, they have begun to come into the running for the playoffs, even though it is still early in the season. The Flyers have a +7 DIFF, which proves that their goaltending has been increasingly better this season. The Flyers are sitting in the fourth spot for the Eastern Conference at the moment.

     7. Colorado Avalanche

  • Previous Ranking: NR
  • Record over this week 3-0-0
  • The Avalanche have fluctuated this season so far in ranking but they seem to be climbing back up the list now that their team is coming back from injury.  With Mikko Rantanen coming back into the lineup, it adds the speed and scoring that the Avalanche have been missing. With November Rookie of the Month Cale Makar and superstar Nathan Mackinnon leading the team in points, these two have created a scoring dynamic on the team. The Avalanche have struggled with injuries this season but things look to be going in their favor.

     8. Arizona Coyotes 

  • Previous Ranking: 7
  • Record over this week: 1-1-1
  • The Arizona Coyotes are continuing to stay steady in the standings due to their determination to rise to the top. With two shootouts this week, it is beginning to be obvious how hard this team wants it. Players such as Nick Schmaltz, who is currently leading the team in points, has helped this team out by finding the net and being there for recovery. The Coyotes’ go-to line, at the moment, seems to include Christian Dvorak, Conor Garland, and Schmaltz with defenseman being Jakob Chychrun and Alex Goligoski. This line has been consistent in putting points on the board for the Coyotes. However, sloppy play has seemed to be getting to the Coyotes as the last couple of games they have gotten several penalties. Giving the other team an advantage in critical moments of the game has hurt the Coyotes and could be their downfall if not adjusted.

     9. Carolina Hurricanes

  • Previous Ranking: 6
  • Record over this week: 1-2-0
  • Carolina has decreased in ranking and it shows in how they played this week. With only 5 total goals this past week, they struggled to find the net. Goaltending seemed to be unsteady this week, allowing 8 goals, which could also be blamed on a lack of defense. Hurricanes have stayed consistent in the conference but need to increase scoring opportunities to stay in the hunt for the Eastern Conference.

     10. Winnipeg Jets 

  • Previous Ranking: 9
  • Record over this week: 2-1-0
  • Winnipeg has fluctuated this season but has been a consistent threat to teams. With Patrik Laine leading in assists and points, he has been the consistent player to count on for the team. This team has maximized on scoring opportunities but still needs to improve on their goaltending, due to their goaltenders having an average of 2.23-3.65 GAA, which needs to improve in order to make a statement. This team has kept its spot in the top ten but is on the fall instead of continuing to get better. Will this team be able to keep their spot in the playoffs at the moment? The Jets take on Dallas twice this week, which is the team right behind them as well as playing Anaheim.

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