CFB Playoff possibilities

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It’s that time of year again. Thanksgiving turkey is being carved, Christmas lists are being written and the College Football Playoff committee is beginning what should be a heated debate about the top teams in the country. As we enter the final two weeks of the season here are all of the possibilities for those final four teams.

1. LSU, Ohio State, Clemson, and Georgia

The current top four teams have a good chance of remaining in the conversation for the remainder of the season. If Clemson and Ohio State win out both will remain, the question comes from the SEC championship game, which will likely be Georgia and LSU. LSU is likely in no matter what, but if they fall to Georgia there may be some debate. Georgia needs to win against LSU and they will be in, as the committee won’t leave out the SEC champion in any scenario.

2. LSU, Ohio State, Clemson, and Alabama

Once again we assume Ohio State and Clemson win out, but this scenario also has LSU winning the SEC championship meaning that 4 spot is wide open for any number of one-loss teams. In this scenario, Alabama wins the Iron Bowl against Auburn in convincing fashion, even with a backup QB. This would mean the Tide would likely get a rematch against LSU in the opening round of the playoff. This Scenario requires Alabama to have a good game against Auburn, meaning this weekend is likely the most important weekend of the Tides season.

3. LSU, Ohio State, Clemson, and Utah

The same scenario as above, but Alabama doesn’t have that convincing win. Instead, Auburn either keeps it tight or upsets the Tide. In this situation, Utah is likely in with a Pac 12 Championship. The Utes will have to beat a tough Oregon team and win in a semi convincing game and they may need some other results to fall in their favor.

4. LSU, Ohio State, Clemson and Oklahoma

Oklahoma wins the big twelve title game and Utah falls somewhere in the final two weeks. Additionally, the Iron Bowl is a close game and Georgia loses to LSU. Oklahoma can make a strong case based on their wins but a loss to an unranked Kansas State squad will do the Sooners no favors. Oklahoma also has two tough tests ahead in Oklahoma State and (most likely) Baylor, which may make selection day just a little more interesting if the Sooners win out.

5. LSU, Ohio State, Clemson, and Baylor

Baylor needs the same situation as the Sooners, but Baylor takes down Oklahoma in the Big 12 Championship. The Bears will have a much tougher argument and will need an Alabama and Utah lose to be strongly considered by the committee.

6. LSU, Clemson, Minnesota and Ohio State

Ohio State is likely in, but Minnesota looms large in the Big 10 title game. If the Golden Gophers can win against Wisconsin on Saturday, they will have one heck of a resume that the committee will not be able to avoid. This resume will only get stronger if they can spring an upset against the Buckeyes. The Gophers might not need much else to swing some votes in their favor.

7. LSU, Ohio State, Alabama and Utah

Clemson loses, Alabama and Utah win out. This is unlikely as the ACC looks like the weakest of the power five which means Utah and Alabama would likely get in over them if both can run the table. The Big 12 champion would be thrown in if the Utes or the Tide lose.

8. Clemson, Ohio State, Georgia, and Utah

LSU loses both of their remaining games and falls out of the conversation. This is incredibly unlikely but it would lead to chaos in the Committee as LSU is Alabama’s lone loss this season leading to Alabama to fall and Utah rises into the top four.

9. LSU, Clemson, Minnesota, and Utah

Ohio State loses to Michigan and continues to stumble in Big 10 title game, meaning the Gophers likely get in and Ohio State falls out of the top four.


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