Tottenham Sacks Pochettino

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One of the big talking points for Tottenham all season has been the future of their star midfielder Christian Erikson, who will be a free agent in the upcoming summer. Erikson has been a key man for Spurs in recent years but he has shown no interest in sticking around. Unfortunately, this move won’t change that. If anything this might be the beginning of the end for Spurs as we currently know them. Erikson will likely be on the way out in January as Spurs likely have nothing to aspire to this season and they’ll be desperate not to let Erikson walk away for nothing. With clubs like Real Madrid, Barcelona and PSG looking to improve their squads, they will have plenty of suitors. The problem for Spurs is that Erikson won’t be the only player looking for a way out.


Harry Kane has been the centerpiece of Spurs during the Pochettino era and that has lead to plenty of speculation about Kane moving on. This will likely be the case as Spurs begin to rebuild. Kane, like Erikson, will be looking to move on. Also like Erikson one of the top possibilities will be Real Madrid, who have been having a very up and down season. Other possible moves could be Manchester United or Borussia Dortmund, both of which have been struggling to put the ball in the back of the net this season. This move will be good for both sides. Kane gets a chance to add to his legacy at a club that can contend for titles in the immediate future and Tottenham gets some money to invest in their rebuild. The biggest question is who will be leading the new looks Spurs.


The early front runner for the Tottenham job is Jose Mourinho, but this is likely just a big name. Jose was sacked by Manchester United almost a year ago and since then he’s been connected to just about every manager position in world football. As I write this it has been confirmed the Mourinho will meet with Spurs leadership on Wednesday. This will be a heavily criticized move if Tottenham goes through with it. Mourinho has had a hard time as a manager recently and has gone nearly 15 years since he managed a club with Tottenham’s finances. Mourinho has needed massive financial backing from every club he’s worked with and even with the money that selling stars like Kane and Erikson will bring, Daniel Levy has shown a lack of willingness to spend in the transfer window. Other names to keep an eye on are Rafa Benitez, the former Newcastle manager, Carlo Ancelotti, a Champions League winner who has struggled with bigger clubs in recent years, and Eddie Howe, a young English manager who has gotten a lot of attention managing Bournemouth FC.


Pochettino will now be one of the hottest managers in world football. He has long been regarded as one of the top managers in the world and European giants will now be in a race to earn the Argentinians signature. Pochettino will have no shortage of options in the coming months. Early front runners include PSG, Manchester United and Bayern Munich. PSG has had trouble making noise in Europe, which is a problem for a club that spends as much money as the Paris club does. Pochettino would likely be a safe bet to settle down the dressing room and help them move up in Europe. Manchester United was looking at Pochettino as a possibility when they fired Mourinho last season and while the red devils have been looking stronger, they still would likely jump at the opportunity to hire someone with Pochettino’s resume. The front runner is likely Bayern. The German club recently let their manager walk, which has become a theme for them in recent years. Pochettino would likely be a safe option for the German giants, who would happily take someone with Pochettino’s record. If none of these works, Pochettino’s safest bet may be returning to Argentina to manage the national team. Pochettino would easily be the most decorated manager in international football and Argentina needs someone like that right now.


Tottenham now enters a time of uncertainty in the history of their club. Pochettino is likely the best manager in the history of the club. Spurs will now be moving on from their current core and ultimately this will be very telling about the whole organization. If Spurs can remain on top of the European game they will be a true giant, but this won’t be easy. As for Pochettino, he now has a chance to prove that he’s one of the top managers in the world as he moves to one of the biggest clubs in the world. Both groups have a lot to prove in the coming months.

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