UFC 244: Masvidal vs. Diaz preview

UFC is often considered more of an attraction than a sport. While the sport of professional fighting has come a long way since the early 90s, the main drawing point of MMA is seeing two people step into a cage and beat each other up, and that is exactly what we are going to get tonight. 

In the most famous arena in America, Madison Square Garden, a west coast gangster will go to battle against a street-tested technician. Nate Diaz, one of the most popular UFC fighters ever, will fight against a rising star in Jorge Masvidal. 

The hype for this fight has been insane. UFC has even gone to the lengths of making a custom belt for the winner. While the fight will be contested in the welterweight division, it is not for the welterweight championship. This fight is to determine the baddest mother f**ker on the planet (excuse the expletive). 

While Diaz’s popularity has grown over a period of time, his opponent has become an overnight star. Masvidal has been in the fight game for a long time, but his signature moment of fame came when he knocked out Ben Askren in just five seconds at UFC 239. 

To put it simply, this fight is going to be a brawl. These two fighters love to scrap and keep the fight on the feet, it will only get technical if one of the two competitors has to make it technical. 

The biggest difference in these fighters styles comes from Diaz because, while he is considered a brawler type fighter, his Jiu-Jitsu prowess is some of the best in the UFC. So if Masvidal connects early with significant strikes, Diaz might have to rely on his superb ground game to get the win. 

This fight could easily be a candidate for fight of the year. The fan interest is there, the competitors are ready to do battle, and with an outstanding fight card before the main event and a sold-out Madison Square Garden arena, it will without a doubt be an event that will be remembered. 

For the prediction, it really could go either way. It will depend on who makes their shots count the most and is able to withstand the most damage during the fight. Diaz’s ground game though is what might be the real difference-maker in the bout. 

Nate Diaz will win this fight via TKO and will become the true ‘BMF’ in the UFC. 

But no matter what the outcome is, this will be an exciting night for MMA fans that will surely live up to all the hype surrounding the event. When you have Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson ready to strap the ‘BMF’ belt onto the winner’s waist, you know the hype is real. 

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