Revisiting ‘It Follows’

It has been a busy day. I have some exciting work on the way that I will be focusing on throughout the week and this is the third movie review I am putting out today. I wrote my review of The Exorcist. I edited Sean’s review of The Lighthouse. Now, I am closing the day by looking at a recent and very underrated horror film, 2014’s It Follows. 

I originally saw this film back in 2018 for a cinema studies course and we looked at the technical aspects of this film. If you watch a film for its technical styles such as cinematography and music, this is going to be a breathtaking experience for you.

David Robert Mitchell delivers some of the best work I have ever seen in terms of direction for a horror film. This movie does a great job of making the background matter and throwing you for a loop on whether or not you should be more scared of what is the focal point of a certain shot or what lurks in the shadows. Long single-takes and tracking shots are much appreciated with the oversaturation of editing and shot reverse-shots these days and this movie has numerous moments of these sorts of shots. Like I said, the camera work is pure excellence.

For those that I either forgot or do not remember, the monster in this film is played as a human form of sexually transmitted diseases. Whoever is infected with this entity following them, has to pass along this to someone else by having sexual intercourse so that they can get rid of the entity completely or fall down on this entity’s priority kill list. I found this overarching theme quite interesting because it takes a common element used in horror films and it gets reimagined as the actual antagonist of the film.

I love the score for this film. It is synth-heavy to add on to the unsettling terror brought on by the monster because at times, you do not know whether our characters are looking at the monster following them or if they are talking to a normal person. Unfortunately, the score reminds me too much of John Carpenter’s original Halloween. That is this movie’s biggest flaw. I feel that a majority of the technical styles used in this film are almost carbon-copies from Halloween. At points, it can get very noticeable and distracting but you will hear that more from me because Halloween is one of my favorite films of all-time.

My one major issue with this film is its lack of characterization. I don’t necessarily feel the need to care for our main protagonist, played by Maika Monroe. It has nothing to do with her acting because Monroe is phenomenal in this role but the material given to her does not build her up to make her feel important. She is billed as the main character but the screenplay does not treat her that way. I guess you can say that the ending makes up for it because there were hints at the final form the monster takes but it is very subtle and does not make up for the lack of character building.

If you love an original adaptation to the horror genre, I think It Follows is a must-watch with its antagonist portrayal and the excellent technical work on display.

Rating: 9/10

Guys, we are at the end. After this review, I only have four more movie reviews left for the month. Be on the lookout for those. This month has been absolutely insane for me in terms of the workload but I am not going to complain because I chose to do this and I absolutely have a blast doing it.


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