‘The Cabin in the Woods’ movie review

It has been a long weekend folks. I am rolling on about a combined three hours of sleep all weekend and I now have to plan for ISM Raceway coverage in two weeks. Fortunately, I only have seven more movies to cover following this review and I have it all planned out to have it this roller coaster done on Halloween. Last night, I had a few friends over and we sat and watched Joss Whedon’s and Drew Goddard’s 2012 meta-horror film, The Cabin in the Woods. 

The early 2010s were not great for the horror genre. There were way too many reboots and just awful studio films that sent the genre into a hole that it looked like it could not bounce back from. In comes The Cabin in the Woods, where Whedon and Goddard poke fun at the genre by mocking the tropes that you would expect in your yearly recycled horror films. The two men do it in a way that is clever and highly-entertaining.

This movie stars talent such as Chris Hemsworth and Jesse Williams who are joined by Kristen Connolly, Anna Hutchison, and Fran Kranz. Each one of their characters fulfills the role of the common horror movie archetypes. Hemsworth is the jock. Williams is the scholar. Connolly is the virgin. Hutchison is the wh**e and Kranz is the fool/stoner.

These characters go on a trip to a cabin, which they do not know is actually controlled by a group of people that are killing random people in order to satisfy an entity that has the power to destroy the world. They satisfy this entity by sacrificing these character archetypes and delivering their blood to this unknown entity. When our characters realize what is going on, they find the entire lab where these people are working in and it leads to a whole bunch of blood, chaos, and monsters.

This movie is so much fun. If you are not a fan of how horror movies are put to screen nowadays, then you will thoroughly enjoy the writing of this film. As a big fan of the horror genre, I appreciate this film having the guts to call out studios for the recycled material they put out on a yearly basis. There are way too many reboots and sequels and the characters in these films are just meant to be added to a kill count. They hold no weight and we are not given a reason to get behind them and feel bad when they are inevitably killed in these movies.

With Halloween on the horizon, this would be a great time to check out this movie if you have not yet or just re-watch it in honor of the holiday.

Rating: 9/10

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