‘All Hallows’ Eve’ movie review

I am working on about three hours of sleep and I am out of commission today due to a certain Flagstaff tradition but it will not stop me from pumping out these reviews and we have a doozy for this one. Have you ever seen the creepy madness that is All Hallows’ Eve?

This movie is a prequel to one of the movies I reviewed earlier this month, which was Terrifier. It was my introduction to the absolutely terrifying serial killer clown known as Art and from watching both of these movies, I think David Howard Thornton does a better job at being Art than Mike Giannelli does in this movie. However, the scares are still here in this movie.

There is no real plot to this movie. The best synopsis I can give for this film is a babysitter watches two kids on Halloween night and one of the kids finds a videotape in his candy bag. They reluctantly play the tape which has three short horror films on it and they all have something to do with Art the Clown.

These short films are awesome. They make absolutely no sense but if you are looking to get scared on Halloween night. This is the perfect movie. Each setting for these short films is dark, which only adds to the pure intensity of each scene. The performances given in these short films are brilliant and you can sense the dread that these characters are feeling.

Another thing that I love is that this movie is open to numerous theories once you conclude your watching. The ending makes you consider whether or not the events that take place in these short films were real or not. The babysitter receives a call that replays one of the scenes from the short films. It is very unsettling and leads to a quite shocking ending with Art.

If you love smaller-budgeting horror films such as this one, I could not recommend this enough. It is well shot. The eeriness is very intense. The Halloween atmosphere is there. This is the perfect movie to watch on Halloween night on Thursday.

Rating: 8/10

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