‘House of 1000 Corpses’ movie review

By the name of the movie title, you can tell that this movie is pretty gross. While it is filled with intense gore, House of 1000 Corpses is much more than your average Rob Zombie, shock-value slasher film.

House of 1000 Corpses is about a group of young adults who stumble upon a middle-of-nowhere, side attraction called “Captain Spaulding’s Museum of Monsters and Men” while driving cross-country. They go on this mini-ride with Captain Spaulding, himself, played by none other than the late Sid Haig. Spaulding closes the ride by telling them about the urban legend of Dr. Satan, who he then gives our protagonists a map of where they can find his location. When they get to that destination, they are stopped by a hitchhiker(Sherri Moon Zombie) which leads to a serious of chaotic, gruesome, and disgusting moments that are not for the easily offended.

Outside of Sherri Moon Zombie, I bought the absolute over-the-top and crazy performances brought on by this underrated cast. Bill Moseley is phenomenal as the lead antagonist, Otis. With this psychopathic family, we do not know their real dynamics. We are led to believe that they have the “normal, everyday family” dynamic but you can tell that their stories are fabricated to make them seem normal. Their motives are not justifiable but interesting. Throughout the movie, Otis, Spaulding and Zombie’s character, Baby, hate “city folk” because of the way that people from rural areas are portrayed. They hate what most of these people have become and their lack of work ethic compared to theirs so they seek vengeance against all of these “city folk”.

About Sherri Moon Zombie….yikes….

She is easily the part of this movie that you lose significant interest in. I do not understand why her husband, Rob, hypersexualizes her as much as he does in this movie. It is a highly unnecessary and she becomes a pest throughout. Her voice and her laugh are unbearable. I would rather be deaf during all of her scenes than to hear that horrid laugh one more time.

To be honest, the gore is not too unbearable. I have witnessed more sickening shots on-screen in other films. There is one scene where Baby begins scalping Chris Hardwick’s character, Jerry, which is pretty vomit-inducing, but outside of that, there is nothing too unbearable going on here.

The one problem I had from a filmmaking perspective was these awkward and distorted transitions. They are used for backstory and to show what has happened to other characters but they are very distracting and I even had a headache watching some of them.

Aside from that, this is a highly entertaining film that I do not think received the admiration it deserves. It is a very unique and original film and while it does have many flaws, it is a damn good time.

Rating: 6/10


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