‘Demonic Toys’ movie review

Now I was seriously making this a part of the “DON’T SEE” segment but this movie is so bad that it is actually awesome.

Demonic Toys is a 1992 “horror” film that went straight to DVD and is about a group of strangers who get trapped in this warehouse that are full of toys. What they don’t know is that there is a demonic presence in the building that takes the form of a child and possesses some of these toys that wreak havoc on our human characters. There is a baby doll, a Jack-In-a-Box, a stuffed bear, and a robot that shoots lasers at people that have the same effect as a gunshot. So yeah, this movie deserves an Oscar.

Honestly, all these characters do is just sit around in the storage room and wait to be saved. Our lead character, Judith Gray is working as an undercover cop performing a bust on some gun dealers. Her partner and future husband is shot and killed during this and what ruins this relationship that we are supposed to assume has been going on for a while, is that she has no emotion minutes after his death. She moves on as if nothing happened.

There is not one likable character in this movie. I did not care to see any of these characters on-screen and was begging for these toys to succeed in their quest.

The toys are laughable. The jack-in-the-box and the stuffed bear develop sharp fangs and spend the whole movie biting the faces of their victims. The baby doll says cringey one-liners and the toy soldier misses his shots even worse than Stormtroopers do.

Please go watch this movie. If you absolutely have nothing to do, waste time by watching this pile of crap. 18 movies down. 13 movies to go.

Rating: Help me/10

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