‘Lake Mungo’ is the scariest film you’ve never heard of

There are reasons why I appreciate the art of cinema and why I have started to expand the variety of films that I choose to watch. Whether it be a comedy, fantasy, action/adventure, or especially, horror, I want to see as many movies as possible, bad or great. After a few nights of some pretty awful horror films, it feels great to say that this movie has been worth a wait. Lake Mungo is the most unsettling film I have ever laid eyes on.

To be honest, I did not hear of this movie until yesterday when my go-to, YouTube movie reviewer, Chris Stuckmann reviewed Lake Mungo as a part of his Halloween special. I could not be more thankful that he did this. I was invested in this movie from start to finish.

This movie is a mockumentary that deals with the death of a teenage girl named Alice Palmer. It follows her family as they discuss the aftermath of her death and what they are experiencing. However, the family’s grieving takes an unexpected turn when they start to experience some unexplained occurrences in their house, which result in them seeking help from psychic, Ray Kemeney. From there, this film becomes a slow-burner of chills, nerves, and tension that culminates in one of the scariest moments I have witnessed on a computer screen.

I cannot praise enough the effort that was put into this movie by director, Joel Anderson. This feels like a real documentary. Had I not known that this was a movie and someone just sent this to me out of the blue, I would have totally bought this as a true documentary of real-life events. The graininess of the videos. The Australian TV news scenes. All of it feels like it was filmed in real-life and not through professional filmmaking. The realism of this film is what makes it so terrifying. There is never a moment where you feel as though you were watching something cinematic.

The actors are fantastic as well. It is a shame that neither Anderson nor the rest of the cast on here have any other works attached to their names. In film, characters usually display any emotion they are feeling to sell to the audience to make them feel a certain type of way.  With this movie, the family that is being interviewed try to hold back their emotions because they do not want to cry on camera. Like I said, if you did not know any better, this might as well have been a real documentary.

The one negative I do have with this movie is that I felt completely sold on a certain portion of the movie only for that to be taken away. HOWEVER, what you discover later on surrounding this portion will chill you to the core.

I do not want to get too deep into this film because this really needs to be seen and experienced without anything given away. Your interpretation of horror is really going to be challenged by this movie. Is there a difference between scary and creepy? Whatever your opinion is on the horror genre is most likely going to be defined by this movie.

PLEASE CHECK THIS MOVIE OUT. If there is one film that I seriously recommend you not missing, it is Lake Mungo. It is available on Tubi, Amazon Prime, and YouTube.

Rating: 9/10

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