‘The Haunting in Connecticut’ movie review


This, most likely, is not a movie you have heard of. The Haunting in Connecticut was brought up by a friend of mine. She had watched it a couple of days ago and gave it a fairly negative review. “It is a terrible awful, no good, very bad movie”, she says. Even after watching the torturous Killer Klowns from Outer Space last night, I just had to see if this movie was as dreadful as she says. Surprisingly, the film is watchable but clearly, the great state of Connecticut is not very scary.

The Haunting in Connecticut is about a family renting out a home near a hospital while their eldest son battles cancer. As the days go by, the family continues to fall apart as the son begins experiencing some paranormal activity that they believed is brought on by this cancer and we have a conventional supernatural movie.

The most compelling aspect of this film is the family dynamic. Their emotional distraught over the gradual realization that the eldest son is getting closer and closer to dying of this cancer is really gut-wrenching. These characters are not your stereotypical, clichéd horror movie characters. The performances are not spectacular but they do enough to hold your attention. I thought Kyle Gallner, who plays the eldest son Matthew, delivered the best performance. Had their been better direction and writing given to this film, there is an argument to be made that this could have been a solid movie.

Outside of one good scare in the early portion of this film, it is not scary in the slightest. The spirits that do the hauntings in this film almost feel welcoming. They do not play a role in wanting to harm our protagonists. As the film moves along, these spirits might as well have been the protagonists of the movie. However, I did find it interesting that Matthew does embody one of the main spirits mentioned in this film. I thought that was pretty clever and compelling.

There are worse horror films out there. The Haunting in Connecticut is not a good film but there is enough going on that should keep you invested for its runtime. Sadly, this movie is just another number in the hundreds of horror films in the 21st century that have the same conventional plot and elements. The jumpscares, the deep bass that cues when something “terrifying” is about to happen, and the biggest cinema sin of all, the DREAM SEQUENCE, are plastered throughout this film.

The Haunting in Connecticut: not good but watchable.

Rating: 3/10


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