‘Terrifier’ movie review

If you love intense gore and over-the-top violent kills without any rhyme or reason, Terrifier is the perfect movie for you.

I had heard about this movie through a channel called Dead Meat, which counts the kills in horror movies, on YouTube, and as I scrolling through Netflix looking for another scary movie to watch, Terrifier was the first recommendation in the horror film category.

Look, this is a stupid movie. Although I can respect director, writer, and producer Damien Leone for his outright passion for filmmaking, this does not feel like a movie more so than a video game. By that, I mean that there is one goal in this “plot” and that is to survive this psychotic killer clown.

One piece of high praise I will give this film is Art the Clown. David Howard Thornton is horrifying to look at and is, possibly, the most haunting clown in cinematic history. Every time you see Art on screen, you are unsettled because you have no idea what he is going to do next or you feel dread with what he is about to do. He does not talk and only uses his hands and a disturbing smile to convey his emotion to the rest of the cast.

The non-killer clown characters are awful and serve no purpose other than to be victims of Art. The acting and writing feel so lazy and while I understand that this is not supposed to be some serious movie with Oscarworthy dialogue, there has to be some sort of story to go along with your brutality.

While I am not the biggest fan of gory kills, I do respect the use of practical effects. There is no CGI in these kills. Everything is done through great makeup by the production crew, which is another high praise I will give this ludicrous film.

The score resembles the same synth-heavy production that we heard in It Follows but without the great buildup or narrative or any sense of cohesion.

The movie is shot in this blueish hue that may be seen as something being added on to make the film feel as ugly and disgusting as it is playing out. However, I found it very distracting. The blacked-out areas of the set ended up showing in red on my TV and that is not something you want to see in a movie.

If you are easily offended or easily squeamish to the sight of blood, stay away from this film. It is really brutal and direct in its kills. If you love this stuff, definitely gather a bunch of your friends, get some snacks and drinks, and take in all the stupid entertainment that this movie provides. You will have a blast.

As for me though, I just don’t really care for it. It would not be something I recommend to everyone but if you are interested in a low-budget horror film, give this a shot.

Rating: 5.5/10

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