‘A Quiet Place’ is a masterpiece

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When I am searching for horror movies to review this month, I don’t have a rhyme or reason. I scroll through some of the video apps such as HBO, Showtime, and Amazon to pick a movie that I am interested in watching for that night. Thanks to having that Student Amazon Prime deal, A Quiet Place was available for free and I cannot believe it took me a year and a half to finally watch this movie,

A Quiet Place is flawless and it left me floored for nearly the entirety of its 90-minute runtime.

I am a sucker for technical brilliance and this movie has it all. The cinematography is mindblowing. The color palettes, especially with the lights in the cornfield, are beautiful, and the sound editing just left me speechless.

There will never be another movie like this in terms of being able to balance a lack of vocal dialogue with a thrilling advancement of the plot. Every scene leaves you on the edge of your seat because you never know when someone is going to make the mistake of creating a loud enough noise to attract the monsters.

Emily Blunt delivered one of the most riveting performances I have ever seen on film, which is highly-impressive, given that she has one scene of dialogue. Her body language and facial expressions showcase her talents and she should have been given more than just one award for this performance.

As much as we love John Krasinski, you have to give the nod to Blunt in terms of who is the beating heart of this film. Krasinski shines in all of his scenes but you cared more for Blunt’s character than you did Krasinki’s.

If I had to name a flaw of this film, it would be the two kids. In my opinion, I have seen better acting from kids and I feel like they were not given the best choices. Their decisions did not feel natural in the slightest and they felt very dependent on their parents while trying to defy their parents’ requests.

Outside of that, I really have nothing else negative to say about this movie. The monsters look terrifying as hell. There isn’t a single moment that feels out of place or unnecessary. Blunt and Krasinski’s performances are magnificent, and the atmosphere and overall tone of this film is something to be in awe of.

If you have not seen A Quiet Place yet, I highly recommend taking a night this month to watch it because you are going to have a great time and you may be experiencing something that will never be done as well by another film.

Rating: 10/10

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