Tennessee Titans: Talented but Inconsistent

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The Tennessee Titans, over the last three seasons, have been a good 9-7 team. They made the playoffs in 2017 and even won the Wild Card game at Kansas City 22-21. Last year, they just missed the playoffs at 9-7 and this year, they are 2-2 and it looks to be more of the same. The theme of inconsistency has been prevalent during these last few years. Let’s look at the notable results from the last few years

2016: They beat the Green Bay Packers 47-25 who would make the NFC Championship Game, and the Kansas City Chiefs on the road, a team that went 12-4. But they lost to the 3-13 Jaguars badly in a game they needed to win and were swept by the 8-8 Colts.

2017: They beat the Seahawks and Ravens but dropped games to the Jimmy Garropolo 49ers and the Blaine Gabbert-led Arizona Cardinals.

2018: They beat the eventual Super Bowl Champions New England Patriots, and beat the Dallas Cowboys and Philadelphia Eagles, who both made it to the divisional playoff round. However, they lost to the lowly Bills and were swept by the Indianapolis Colts once again.

This season, they have dominated the Browns and Falcons on the road but lost to Jacoby Brissett at home and looked awful at Jacksonville in a game where quarterback Marcus Mariota was sacked 10 times.

When looking at the Tennessee Titans, this should be a team competing deep into the playoffs at least and not struggling to make the playoffs every single year. They have a star on the defensive line in Jurrell Casey, a loaded secondary with superstar safety Kevin Byard, Kenny Vaccaro, Malcolm Butler, and Logan Ryan, and a good offensive line with Taylor Lewan now returning from suspension.

They are loaded in many areas, but the issue with this team and why they are inconsistent is the limited offense. Mariota is only part of the issue as he is not a deep ball passer and he tends to hold on to the ball longer than he should. But the biggest issue is the limited play-calling and play-making this team has. Tennessee runs a very conventional west coast offense that is all about play-action fakes, quick slants and out routes to the wide receivers and tight ends, and the handoffs are very conventional. Their play calling is very vanilla and there is little trickery on offense. Luckily, in their last game, the Titans were able to move the ball efficiently on a battered Falcons’ defense. Rookie wide receiver AJ Brown showed against Atlanta that he could be the playmaker that the Titans have been looking for.

The Titans have a legitimate defense, but the offense needs to support it by more playmaking and getting creative play-calling from their coaches. If they do this, the Titans can come out on top in this wild AFC South where each team currently sits at 2-2.

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