DaBaby – ‘KIRK’ album review

In his sophomore outing, DaBaby provides more of the same that we have been hearing throughout the year. This entire album is nothing creative, nothing special, and nothing that we have not heard before.

KIRK is the second full-length project in 2019 from Charlotte, North Carolina rapper, Jonathan Kirk, AKA, DaBaby. He has been super busy this year with two albums plus a boatload of features with artists such as Post Malone, Megan Thee Stallion, and Lizzo.

While I see “Suge” as one of the standout hip-hop songs of the year with its energetic production and a menacing flow from DaBaby, we are starting to discover the artist he actually is.

Ever since Baby On Baby, which dropped back in March, all we have heard from DaBaby is this one-dimensional flow backed by the same production bloated with this heavily distorted bass. He is on the brink of becoming a meme with every track sounded similar and with him starting his verses before the runtime of certain tracks even begin.

Most of the tracks on KIRK feel like filler or DaBaby being limited in his creativity. Some of the tracks on here are highly questionable, especially the god-awful “iPHONE” with habitual cringe rapper, Nicki Minaj.

There are highlights on this project, don’t get me wrong, but they mostly take place at the beginning of this album.  “INTRO”, and “OFF THE RIP” are absolute bangers with the aggression that we can come to expect from DaBaby at his best. The track, “GOSPEL” with none other than Jesus-praising and wife-loving, Chance the Rapper is actually not that bad and would have been one of the standouts on the, otherwise, offensive project, The Big Day, which I am still trying to fathom the fact that I listened to it on a Hawaiian morning.

Aside from those tracks, I just was not feeling this project in the slightest. I think DaBaby is swinging below his actual talent like a good basketball team half-assing their way through a game against a team that they know they can beat. Hopefully, he proves otherwise in the future, but yeah, KIRK is not that good.

Richest Tracks: “INTRO”, “OFF THE RIP”, “GOSPEL”, “REALLY”

Worst Track: “iPHONE”

Rating: 4/10

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